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Saturday, August 28, 2004


I wanted to write something for those of you not familiar with NWA-TNA. It’s a very innovative new wrestling league. TNA has only been around a little over 2 years and is taking wrestling fans by storm!

NWA-TNA was originally based out of Nashville, Tennessee, but they are moving they’re home base to Orlando, Florida in the near future. NWA- TNA has a great mixture of familiar wrestlers such as Jeff Jarrett, Konan, and Jeff Hardy. As well as young up and coming wrestlers Frankie Kazarian, Chris Sabin, AJ Styles and Michael Shane.

NWA-TNA also has several outstanding tag teams. There Tag Teams have something for everyone. Such as 3 Live Kru, The Naturals, and America’s Most Wanted. If your interested in tag teams that really have team work, NWA-TNA has them.

There are several things that set NWA-TNA apart from other wrestling leagues. The first thing you will notice when you’re watching them is that they have a 6 sided wrestling ring! With having a 6 sided wrestling ring you get a lot more really intense matches! It also gives the high flyers more ropes and turnbuckles to work with!

With the design of there new ring they also redesigned the total wrestling experience that you can only get from watching or going to there matches. They also introduced the X-Division! Which are the best highflying wrestlers in the league.

Those are some of the most exciting matches in my opinion, but I don’t want to make it sound like I’m taking anything away from the skills of the rest of the wrestlers. It’s just that the X- Divisions matches are so new and different than the normal tactical matches.

TNA was originally delivered to the masses through weekly


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