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Monday, August 30, 2004

Jerrelle Clark

Jerrelle Clark is one of NWA-TNA’s newest signed, up and coming stars. He is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. But he is now living in Orlando, Florida with his wife Rebecca.

Jeremy McCulough trained Jerrelle from 1997 until 1998. From there Jerrelle wanted to focus on collage. He did continue to do some training on and off until 2000.

Jerrelle made is wrestling debut in Orange City, Florida. His first match was against Cutthroat Saxon. He did lose this match. But that didn’t stop Jerrelle.

Anyone that has seen Jerrelle’s wrestling matches knows that he combines speed with highflying moves. He tends to be a quick fan favorite as well.

Jerrelle also has several trademark moves that he uses. They are 630, Half past 6 (Canadian braker into a pile driver), Sky Twister (handspring full twisting moonsault), Jerrelle Driver (atomic knee drop in to face suplex), Clark Bar (619 rope spin in to a crucifix submission in the middle), JC Press ( shooting star into a cross body press), and Dragon Wing Sleeper #1 ( cross between chicken wing and dragon sleeper).

Jerrelle Has also held several titles in both singles and tag team competition. His single titles include NWA World JR. Heavyweight Champion, NWA Florida X champion, SPW Cruiserweight Champion, S.E.X Heavyweight Champion, NNW Overall Champion, and NSW Heavyweight Champion. His tag team titles include RCW Tag Team Championship as part of the Cutthroats. He held the title with Cutthroat Bonez. He also had the USFW Tag Team Championship.
If you ever get a chance to see Jerrelle fly you should really check him out he has a very impressive ring performance. It’s even more impressive now that he is on TNA with the 6 sided ring that gives him even more chances to fly!


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