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Friday, August 27, 2004

Q&A With Wildcat Chris Harris of AMW

For those of you not familiar with Wildcat Chris Harris. He is part of TNA's tag team America's Most Wanted. If your intrested in learning more about him goto his website

1. Were you a wrestling fan when you were younger?If so since when?

Ever since I can remember I was in front of the TV every Saturday morning watching wrestling.

2. When did you know you wanted to go into wrestling?

I had thought about it in high school. I was obsessed with wrestling and thought of it as a dream. As high school ended and college began I took it more serious. A couple of years later I figured if I was going to give it a shot it was going to have to be now. After that I never looked back.

3. Was there a certain wrestler that really inspiredyou?
Bret Hart was my idol. I have the greatest respect for him as a wrestler and as a person. I watched hundreds of tapes of him throughout the years.

4. If you could wrestle any wrestler past or presentwho would it be andwhy?

Again, Bret Hart. How could you not want to wrestle one of the guys that inspired you.

5. I read on your website that Dusty Rhoades haskinda taken you and Jamesunder his wings. What is the most important thing isyou have learned fromhim so far?

From someone like him it has to be the psychology. Dusty was never the greatest worker, but he could always ignite a crowd. If something doesn't make since, Dusty has a way of explaining the situation.

6. If someone wanted to go into wrestling do youhave any tips for them tohelp them get started?

The first two things that you will hear from me is to get into the gym and get some quality training. I get sick of out of shape kids that look nothing like an athlete who come into our business and think they can be a wrestler with no training. It doesn't work like that.

7. How hard has it been for you in the past coupleof weeks traveling fromTenn to FL almost every week?

The travel schedule has definitely increased, but I accepted that when I got into this business. I don't mind the traveling so much. I just need a break once in a while. The excitment from the impact show over takes the extra travel.

8. What do you think about the 6 sided ring?

TNA is the future of wrestling and the 6 sided ring is another example of that. We are an innovative promotion. It wasn't bad to adjust to and it got everyone talking.

9. When your not working out, training, andwrestling what kind of things doyou like to do?

Sleep...I don't seem to get a whole lot of that.Other than that I just like to get out with my friends and share the good times. A cold beer, the movies, anything really.

10. In the past couple of weeks AMW has done 2brutal matches, the 6 sided cage match and thecountry whipping match. What did you think of theseand would you do them again?

Those two matches are right up our alley. The cagematch with the Naturals was very brutal and bloody. But you have to expect that. It is the most dangerous match in wrestling. The strap match hurts like hell,but feels so good when you are lashing out on someone else. I am sure you will see AMW in these matches again in the future.


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