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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Chase Stevens

Chase Stevens is one half the NWA-TNA tag team The Naturals. He was born on January 17,1979. In Santa Maria, California, but lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Chase has a very athletic back ground prior to his professional wrestling career. Chase played football and wrestled in middle school. In high school he played baseball, football, ran track, and wrestled all four years.

Chase got his professional training from Tracy Smothers. His wrestling back ground is 6 years amateur and 8 years professional. He has also boxed for 12 years.

There have been several identities that Chase has wrestled under they are Glacius, Lance Taylor, Chase Bradley, and as masked wrestler Shadow Walker.

Chase has several very impressive signature wrestling moves as well. They are The Natural High, Shooting Star Press, Flying Five Arm, and DVD (Death Valley Driver). His finisher move is The Natural Disaster.

Chase as also held several title including being the first to ever hold USA Heavyweight Championship and USA Tag Team Title with fellow Natural Andy Douglas.


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