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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Desire has dreams of wrestling in Japan and WWE someday. It all started when she was just a little girl. She used to sit with her father and grandfather on the weekends and watch wrestling.

She told her father when she was little that she wanted to be a wrestler when she grew up and he told her that was what she would be then. Sadly her father died in a car accident the year she graduated from high school.

Desire was born on Febrary 9,1980 in Chino, California. Soon out of high school Desire would go into pin up modeling and acting. With hopes that she would meet someone that could point her in the right direction.

She got an acting part in an Indy movie about professional wrestling. While filming this movie she meet a wrestling promoter that had a wrestling school. After that she was ready to start chasing her dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

After two and a half years of school she decided to move on. She started getting Lucha training WPW. She wrestled and trained with them for a year. She is now continuing her training with Revaluation Pro.

Desire's wrestling style can be described as lucha with a bit of brawling. Her favorite type of match is mixed tag team. Her favorite wrestling move is her signature lucha submission hold. She finishes with one of 2 finishers she uses they are Tornado DDT and Casadora Bull Dog.

Desire has wrestled for several wrestling promotions. A few examples are WPW, UPW, AWS, WSWA, WSW, and Lucha Va Voom. She has also held the EWF Tag Team Title!

Desire has a dark style to her ring attire and likes to change it often. That way people don't get bored with her.


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I love Desire and I want to marrry her.


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