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Friday, September 03, 2004

"The Future" Frankie Kazarian

Frankie Kazarian was born August 4,1977. He grew up in Yucca Valley, California. At the age of seven he discovered wrestling on TV. After that wrestling would become his passion.

From that day on he started buying everything wrestling related. His first favorites were Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat and Tito Santana. As Frankie got older, his favorites became Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Shawn Micheals, and Sean Walterman.

In high school he started researching wrestling schools. He had gotten a recommendation from Bret Hart. He took Bret’s advice and went to Walter “Killer” Kowalski’s school.

Frankie worked and save for over a year to be able to make the trip to Malden, Mass. Once he was there he know immediately that wrestling was what he wanted to do. At school Frankie learned that if he wanted to make a name for himself he would need to learn all styles of wrestling.

Over the next two years Frankie and Walter would develop a life long friendship. Frankie had his first couple of matches in the New England area. But soon he had to return to California.

Frankie had worked for various independent leagues once he returned home. He continued to work on and develop his wrestling skills.

To date Frankie has done several matches with WWE. He has also done some work on TV and movies. He can be found wrestling now with NWT-TNA.

Frankie has also held several titles. They are EWF Tag Team Champion, EWF Heavyweight Champion, IWA US Champion, WCWA Heavyweight Champion, PCW Tag Team Champion, UPW Tag Team Champion, ECWA Tag Team Champion, UPW Lightweight Champion, NWA-TNA X-Division Champion (2x), and PWG Heavyweight Champion (2x), which he still holds.


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