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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Gorgeous George

Gorgeous George was on of the most influential professional wrestlers ever. He didn't just influence wrestlers but boxers and musicians. Such as Mohammed Ali and Liberace. He was one of the original showmen of wrestling as well. He had a very colorful, flamboyant ring appearance.

He was born in Seward, Nebraska in 1915. His birth name was George Wagner. He would go in to wrestling in his teens. He would wrestle for over ten years as George Wagner.

But he never really made an impacted on the sport because of his average skills and appearance. So he decided to come up with a gimmick that would make him memorable even now. He grew his hair out and dyed it platinum blonde. He would wear his hair back in gold bobby pins and wear flashy but elegant robes to the ring.

He called himself the "Human Orchid." His them music was "Pomp and Circumstance." Which 40 years later Randy "Macho Man" Savage would adopt it as his theme music.

Instead of having female valets, he had male valets! They were Geoffrey and Thomas Ross. They would come to the ring with him and spray perfume in his corner of the ring as well as on his opponents.

His ring entrance would sometimes last as long as the match. After he finished all his showboating. Make no mistake George was every bit the villain! He would cheat every chance he got. It would infuriate the fans!

Nevertheless he was a huge draw. Fans would line up just to see what he was going to do next. When TV came along millions would tune in. Some just to see him. With George Professional Wrestling would become TV's first hit!

George was always a showman first and foremost. But he did become an accomplished wrestler.

On May 26.1950 he won the AWA Heavyweight Title. But would later lose his title to Lou Thesz. Almost ten years after losing his title he would retire!

Sadly Gorgeous George died in 1963. But George's memory will carry on for many years to come! Continuing to inspire future generations!


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