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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is considered an enigma in professional wrestling today. He is one of the newest signed wrestlers to NWA-TNA.

His full name is Jeff Nero Hardy. Jeff was born in August 31,1977. He was raised in Cameron, North Carolina.

Jeff and his brother Matt started wrestling when Jeff was in his early twenties. They wrestled on the independent wrestling circuit. They made ring attire for the other wrestler to earn the money to pay for there training.

In 1998 they were offered a full-time wrestling contract with WWE. They accepted the contract. The duos first gimmick was brightly colored outfits that didn’t go over real well with the fans. So they redesigned there ring attire to a darker, more noticeable look. They also joined Gangral’s New Brood.

Which got them involved in an on going feud between Gangral and Edge with Christian. In mid 1999 the Hardyz and Edge with Christian were on No Mercy pay per view in a ladder match. The Hardyz won the match and left Gangral behind.

Soon after Lita made her first WWF debut, as manager for Essa Rios. But after she cost him several matches. Essa turned on her and the Hardyz came to her rescue. After that Lita became their manager.

They were a strong trio. Lita was working on defining her wrestling skills the whole way. But there team wouldn’t last. They have now went there separate ways. Jeff is now with NWA-TNA, Matt is still with WWE, and Lita is still with WWF but is by Kane’s side.

Since Jeff’s arrival at TNA he has been quickly rising to the top. He is well on his way to being one of there top superstars. When he comes out to the ring there is such a presence about him, it makes you stop and take notice.

Weather you love him or you hate him, you can’t help but be in awe over his ring abilities. He does some of the most impressive aerial moves there are. Weather it’s his finishing move the “Swanton Bomb” or one of his other many dangerous moves, it’s impressive to watch.

He takes many risks with some of the more dangerous moves he does. Luckily He has only sustained minor injuries. They were a dislocated shoulder, concussion, and several stitches. He has been very luck. All it takes is him to land wrong to cause lasting damage.

Jeff has held several titles and some tag team titles with Matt. They are WWE Hardcore Championship, WWF Hardcore Championship (2x), WWE European Championship, WWF Heavyweight Championship, WWF Tag Team Championship (5x), WCW Tag Team Champion, and WWF Intercontinental Championship.

On September 8,2004 he will meet Jeff Jarrett on the TNA Pay Per View. For the chance to win the NWA Heavyweight Championship.


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