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Saturday, September 25, 2004


Josie hasn’t been in wrestling for very long, only about 2 years. She knew so wanted to wrestler from the moment she saw Lita doing a move off the top rope in 2001.

She started looking in to wrestling schools to see where she wanted to go for her training. A friend of hers passed on her phone number to Eddie Sharkey. He was looking for some female talent to train. After she checked out one of his shows she was ready to sign up.

After she started training she knew for sure this was for her!!

If you were to ask Josie what her wrestling style is she would tell you that she is a power wrestler! Her favorite type of match is she would tell you it’s a mixed tag team match!

Her finisher moves are one of two they are a flying neckbreaker or a corner to corner round off back elbow bulldog.

Even though Josie hasn’t been wrestling long she has already started to make a name for herself! She has won 2 titles. They are MIW Women’s Champion and CTCWA Woman’s Champion.

Josie has a lot of ambition! She hopes to wrestle for Japan, NWA-TNA,WWE. I’m sure this isn’t the last you will hear about Josie. I really think she is going to go far!


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