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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mark Mero

Marc Mero was born in Buffalo, NY in 1960. Marc was originally a boxer and was a golden gloves winner.

He had met "The American Dream" Dusty Rhoades in the gym. Soon after Dusty encouraged Marc to try wrestling. Marc signed with WCW and Johnny B. Badd was born.

He would come out with his bad blaster and shoot confetti in to the crowd! This was Marc's best gimmick. He was a very popular star in WCW. He won the WCW-TV title twice.

Marc's finishing move is called the TKO. He also was normally in the opening matches for WCW pay per views.

In 1996 he would sign with WWF after he left WCW. He would become "Wild Man Marc Mero". He would also come to the ring with his then wife Sable (Rena Mero). He would become the Intercontinental Champion.

Around mid 1997 Marc would change his name again and become "Marvelous Marc Mero". Marc would keep this gimmick until he left wrestling in 1999. Since he has left wrestling Rena and him have gotten divorced.

He will be wrestling a tag team match tonight for TNA. He will wrestle as Johnny B. Badd. I hope this wont be the last time we see him in the wrestling ring.


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