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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

"Million Dollar Man" Ted Debiase

Ted Dibiase was introduced to wrestling at a young age by his stepfather "Iron Mike" Dibiase.His stepfather died in the wrestling ring. Soon after Ted's mother turned to alcohol. Ted went to live with his grandparents.

Soon after Ted's junior year of collage, he decided to go into wrestling like his stepfather. When he started he wrestled for leagues in Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia.

While Ted was wrestling for Mid South Wrestling. Hoping that WWF would take notice of him. Which they did. They also developed a new character for him. Ted became the " Million Dollar Man." They surrounded him with money and life in the fast lane.

With lots of hard work he was able to become one of the top wrestlers of the past twenty years. A couple years ago he suffered a neck injury and had to stop wrestling but he became a ring side manager.

Ted went on to manage in both WWF and WCW. Ted also did other things while he was involved with WCW. Such as acting as creative consultant for EA Sports for the WCW Mayhem video game. He also traveled with NASCAR as a WCW representative.

Since Ted's contract had expired with WCW in 1999. He has been doing several other ventures.

Such as being a spokesman for the Sunshine Foundation. He is also speaking to kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. He also founded the Star of David Ministries.

Currently Ted is also speaking out about the state of professional wrestling. With all the sex and vulgar language. It's inappropriate for children. He is thinking about starting his own league that would be part of his Ministries.

In his career he also held many titles they are Mid South US Tag Team Champion, Mid South North American Heavyweight Champion, Missouri Central States Champion (2x), Missouri State Heavyweight Champion (2x), (Amarillo) International Champion, Western States Tag Team Champion, WWWF North American Champion, Mid South North American Heavyweight (2x), Georgia National Tag Team Champion (2x), Mid South North American Heavyweight Champion (2x), Mid South Tag Team Champion (3x), All Japan United National Champion, Georgia National Heavyweight Champion, Texas All Star USA Champion, All Japan PWF Tag Team Champion (2x), WWF World Tag Team Champion (3x), All Japan Unified Tag Team Champion. He also won a couple of championships they are All Japan Real World Tag Team Tournament and WWF King of the Ring.


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