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Friday, September 10, 2004

My Thoughts

I wanted to try something a little different with today's post. Instead of the usual article on a wrestler or an interview, I'm going to post my thoughts on September 8, 2004 NWA-TNA's Pay Per View tag team title match.

Wednesday night was TNA'S last weekly Pay Per View. There was supposed to be a triple threat match between The Naturals, XXX and America's Most Wanted (AMW). But because XXX's Christopher Daniels and AMW's "Cowboy" James Storm were injured and they were unable to wrestle.

It seemed that the Naturals would win the match by default but "Wildcat" Chris Harris and "Primetime" Elix Skipper decided to put there differences a side to seek revenge on the Naturals.

Wildcat and Primetime have competed against each other on several occasions so they were able to work well together. The match started with the Naturals having the upper hand. They worked on Primetime and kept him from making the tag for sometime.

But once he was able to tag Wildcat, he turned the tables on the Naturals. Wildcat took a chair shot to the head from Chase Stevens. Primetime came in and took care of Chase. From there Wildcat was able to spear Andy Douglas before he could throw powder in his face for the win.

So this leaves us all with questions on how is this going to work when the tag team champions are from 2 different tag teams?

Well I have a couple of theories!

They're going to break up XXX and AMW! Which I think would be a bad move since both tag teams are huge fan favorites. I really don't think they're going that way with this one.

An other idea is that XXX and AMW are going to have a title match and the winner gets the titles! This would probably be the best scenario.

My final thought on what they may do is have an 8-man tag team match. XXX and AMW vs. The Naturals and Team Canada! Since there is a huge feud brewing between them. But I don't think this is how they will sort out the tag team titles. I think this would be the type of match they would have on Victory Road in November.

What ever TNA decides to do I wish XXX and AMW the best of luck with it. I also want to Congratulate Wildcat and Primetime on their title win!


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