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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Samoan Dynasty Part 2 Wild Samoans

The Wild Samoans are made up of Afa and Sika Anoai. They were one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history! In their career they racked up 22 titles reigns! They are the only tag team that was able to do that! Captain Lou Albano managed them when they were with the WWF.

It all started for this great tag team when Afa started taking wrestling lessons from the late “High Chief” Peter Miavia and Rocky Johnson. Afa went with a friend Ricky Thompson to Arizona. Ricky was going to try out for a wrestling promotion. Afa got hired because of his awesome appearance!

No long after Afa started wrestling he sent for his brother Sika. Afa trained Sika and they formed the Wild Samoans! They’re look was that of an island savage! They were one of the most tag teams brutal tag teams of the 80’s. But this is the be expected with Captain Lou Albano as there manager.

After the Wild Samoans retired Afa went on to manage the tag team the “Headshrinkers” in the 90’s. They were his son Samu and his nephew Fatu (Rakishi). Afa also started The Wild Samoans Training Center. He has trained some of the wrestlers that have been on WWF’S wrestling roster. Such as Billy Kidman and Chris Canyon. Afa is also director of Uso’s the Samoan Family Foundation.

Both Afa and Sika do a lot of charity work. They are both also members of the Cauliflower Alley Club! Sika now enjoys spending time with his family and fishing.


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