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Saturday, October 23, 2004

"Big Bad Biker" Blackhammer

“Big Bad Biker” Blackhammer is originally from Sturgis, South Dakota. He is an Indy wrestler that has wrestled in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. He draws his inspiration from Mick Foley.

Elvis Elliot and Al Snow trained Blackhammer. He made his wrestling debut in October 1999. His wrestling style is a mix of hardcore and technical with a dash of highflying!

His signature move is called “Dropping the Hammer”. He uses that or a frog splash to finish his opponent. His greatest match was one that he lost! It was on July 18, 2004 he wrestled former WWF star the “Honky Tonk Man”. Blackhammers most hated opponent is Tracy Smothers!

In only a few short years he has really started to make a mark for himself. He has held several titles they are OCW TV Title, OCW Tag Team Championship (3x), CWA Tag Team Championship, CWA US Title, and MSWF Northern Tennessee Heavyweight Title!

But despite his great wins there were some injuries that he has sustained as well. Such as a separated left shoulder, concussions, a torn ligaments in his left wrist, bruised ribs, minor neck injury, minor tear in the left ACL, and a dislocated right shoulder.

Which of course even with the injuries he still gets out there to entertain his fans!


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