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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

"The Crippler" Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit is on of the most technical wrestlers in the sport today! He has an incredible ability to work his opponent. He is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Chris knew he wanted to me a wrestler the moment he saw his first live wrestling match! It was at this time he got to witness “The Dynamite Kid” in action! “The Dynamite Kid” would become Chris’s idol.

Chris would start going to wrestling matches every week! He would be come a very familiar face in the crowd! Soon he would be asked to help with ring set up. Later he would be able to hang out backstage with the wrestlers!

It was at this time he would introduce himself to Stu Hart. Chris would start going to the Hart Dungeon for his training. While Chris was training he would wrestle for Stu’s wrestling promotion Stampede Wrestling. He would later go on to give credit to Stu Hart for making him the wrestler he had become.

Chris would make his way to Japan and started wrestling as masked wrestler Pegasus Kid and would start using “The Dynamite Kid’s” signature moves. One of his biggest accomplishment in Japan as a masked wrestler was taking the IWGP Light Heavyweight Championship from Jushin Liger!

Chris would later lose his mask in a mask vs. mask match! He would also change his name to “The Wild Pegasus” and totally develop a new identity! He became just as successful as he had been as a masked wrestler. In April of 1994 he win the J Cup.

Even with all of his success in Japan, Chris would go on to take an invitation from Paul Heyman to work in his wrestling promotion ECW. Two other wrestlers that worked in Japan with Chris those wrestlers were Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero.

Chris won a lot of matches but the North American audience just wasn’t warming up to Chris’s personality. It wasn’t until a match against Sabu were he dropped Sabu on his head and broke his neck that the fans started to warm up to him. Paul Heyman nicknamed him “The Crippler” because he was a man that can break his opponent with his bare hands became his gimmick!!

In 1995 Chris would have visa problems and would have to leave ECW! He was going to go back to Japan to wrestle but decided he would try out for WWF but he wouldn’t be able to work out a contractual deal because he wanted the leave way to go to Japan to wrestle as well!

He would make a deal with WCW that would allow him to wrestle in Japan as well as WCW, but soon after signing the deal WCW they would make it difficult for him to wrestling in Japan. Chris would start to grow very unhappy with his position with WCW Management. Chris was asked to become part of the “Four Horsemen” but was kept in the back of the spotlight!

So Chris would grow even more frustrated. In hopes of making Chris happy WCW had him wrestle Sid Vicious for the World Heavyweight Title! Chris would win the match but he had already decided to leave WCW. In January 2000 Chris went to work for the WWE. Now Chris has the fire and love of the sport that he had once had!

He has had much success since coming to WWE. He won his first WWE title on April 2,2000 at Wrestlemania XVI. Just a mere 4 months after join them. He has gone on to win many more matches and titles with his signature finishing move the “Crippler Crossface”.

During Chris’s impressive career he has entertained wrestling fans all over the world and is just getting better all the time! I’m sure there is still a lot more success in his future.


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