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Saturday, October 09, 2004


Edge is one of the most amazing athletes in the WWE. He competes in many different matches singles, tag team, and TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chair) matches. Becoming a wrestler was a life long dream of Edge's.

Edge was born Adam Copeland in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on October 30,1973. Edge spent a year training at Sully's Gym in Toronto. He made his wrestling debut on June 1,1993. It was a tag team match his partner was El Fuego Kid.

Not long after this match Edge wrestling as Sexton Hardcastle joined Jay Resoo (Christian Cage) in the tag team High Impact! They later changed there name to Suicide Blondes. In December 1997 the Suicide Blondes won the ICW Streetfight Tag Team Titles.

Edge made his WWF (now WWE) Raw wrestling debut on June 22,1998 against Jose Estrada Jr. But at Summerslam in 1998 is were Edge really made an impact on wrestling fans everywhere! He was Sable's (Rena Mero) Mystery tag team partner against Marc Mero and Jacquelyn. Edge and Sable won the match!

Edge and Christian formed the Brood with Gangrel. The Brood later became part of the Undertakers Ministry of Darkness! Edge and Christian later left the Brood and the Hardy boyz joined the Brood with Gangrel.

From this point on Edge and Christian took the wrestling fans by storm! They are a great tag team that work well together! They had very memorable lader and LTC matches against the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz!

Edge is also an impressive singles wrestler, but he does a lot of tag team matches! Edge has won the King of the Ring in 2001, WWE Intercontainal Champion (4x), and WCW US Champion. Edge's finishing move is called the Edgecution! These are not Edge's only tiles he has held the World Tag Team Title and impressive 8 times and WWE Tag Team Champion.

Edge has just recently returned to wrestling after being out of the ring for more than a year due to a neck injury! I'm sure that we can expect a lot more from Edge in the future!


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