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Thursday, October 21, 2004

"Hardcore Kingpin" Scott Phoenix Interview

1. When did you know you wanted to be a hardcore wrestler?

I don't consider myself a "hardcore wrestler". I consider myself a professional wrestler. One that, when it matters to do it, will do hardcore. I'm finding more and more these days that people are too quick at putting labels on people. I can and will do hardcore as good as anyone in the business, I will up and say that out loud, but it's far from all I can do or wish to do. The hardcore stuff has overshadowed that fact....I'm going to break out of that mold.

2. Did you particapate in any sports in school?

Actually, no. Some don't believe this one, but at that point in time I was a scrawny, lanky, clumsy kid. One that got picked on a lot, so I did fight a lot. Kinda started something that way, too.

3. Where did you do your wrestling training?

Found a wrestling school with a local promotion in 1998, headed up by Kit Carson of Team Extreme, a veteran of the business who went on a short time later to become a two-time NWA World Tag Team Champion. That's where I started out. Also spent some time in early 1999 furthering my training from former WCW wrestler Awesome Kong.

4. Who was your trainer?

See above :)

5. What was your first match like?

My first match was September 18, 1998. I was in there with a 400+ pounder in pink, believe it or not. The match consisted of me starting with an armbar then getting beat bad for about 8 minutes.

6. So far what is your greatest wrestling moment?

Probably last fall, when me and Drunk Adam beat Team Extreme for the XCW Tag Team titles in a cage match. Huge crowd on hand to watch the last match of a feud that had lit the area on fire for a goof part of the year at that time. After the match, in front of this big crowd, Kit raised my hand while I held a tag team belt in the other. That moment was brief but felt like a lifetime. I'll never forget that match....though I hope many in the future top it.

7. Have you substained any serious injuries?

Spent most of 2001 out of action with a neck injury. Have had other nasty stuff, too, like concussions and a dislocated shoulder. Goes with the territory, though.

8. What is your favorite type of match?

I do like a brawl. Not neccessarily "hardcore" but a nasty, brutal battle. Technically, though, my favorite type of match is any match that the fans liked.

9. What is the finisher you like to use most?

I have won most with a chokeslam that is pretty brutal. I also have a pet submission hold I call the Straightjacket.

10. What is your favorite weapon in a hardcore match?

I've used about anything, but my favorite is a barbed wire wrapped 2x4 that a fan made for me and handed to me in a match in 2003. Sort of a sentimental thing.

11. Who is your biggest allie?

Besides the fans that chant my name, easily Lady Draven. We were close many years before either of us stepped into a ring, and she has been with me through almost every up and down I've ever had in the business. She's also been at ringside for most of the matches I've ever had.

12. Who is your biggest enemy?

Bobby 2 Badd has trashed me publically for most of 2004. Character assassination is what I'd call that. Worse enemy than any critic or injury or other wrestler...he's attempted to lie publically to the "smart" fans in an attempt to undo my 6 years of hard work.

13. On November 13, 2004 you will be defending your CWP Hardcore Title against Bobby B Badd at CWP'S Starrcage show how do you feel about this match?

We'll settle this like men in the cage. Hard to get a promotion to agree to this one but it's set. Then I can move on and move foward in wrestling with the closure of this whole thing done.

14.This will be a steel cage match. Is this your first cage match?

Only my third cage match, but I've won the first two. No escape for Bobby that night. He's mine.

15. What are your plans for your wrestling future?

I grew up wanting to be like my heroes in the ring. I was a longshot coming into wrestling but after 6 years, 26 different wrestling promotions, and an ungodly amount of miles on my poor car, I've managed to get my name out there and get it out there with good press. A lot of people seem to be pretty high on my chances now, and I hope I can break through to that next level and take a shot at being a big thing in this business. I've set a lofty goal for myself and plan to do what has to be done to reach it.


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