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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Interview With The Living Legend Larry Zybysco

Before I go on to the interview I just wanted to say this was a live in person interview done on October 16,2004. I also wanted to state that Larry is an incredible person.

1. Why did you decide to go into professional wrestling?

I saw it on TV when I was younger. Bruno was my hero. He inspired me!

2. Was Bruno Sammartino your only wrestling trainer?

Bruno was my main trainer as far as technical and the psychology of it. He was my metor!

3. I read that you got your ring name from Bruno Sammartino, how did that come about?

Zybysco was a famous Polish wrestling family in the early 1900’s. In the early days of wrestling wrestlers would use famous ethnic wrestling names to draw in crowds. Since I’m Polish it made sense. Zybysco’s rough translation means “Big One”.

4. Bruno Sammartino was your mentor, why the falling out?

I was Bruno’s protégé and that is how everyone viewed me. So in order to break out on my own I needed to take on Bruno and prove I was the next “Living Legand”.

5. In your opinion what was your greatest wrestling moment?

Wrestling Bruno at Shea Stadium!

6. What titles have you held?

WWWF Tag Team Title, NWA National Championship, Western State Heritage Championship, WCW Tag Team Title, WCW TV Title, and AWA World Heavyweight Championship.

7. You have worked many different aspects of professional wrestling during your career, what has been your favorite part? Why?

I loved wrestling! You can’t explain the feeling you get from wrestling in front of thousands of wrestling fans! But as I got older announcing was good to because it was a way to still be in the limelight but not wrestling.

8. Do you have any advice for the next generation of pro wrestlers?

The same advice Bruno gave me. Wrestling is unpredictable always have something to fall back on.

9. In your opinion how do you think professional wrestling has changed over the years since you started wrestling?

For the worse!

10. I read that you have you pilot license, why did you want to become a pilot?

Years ago we all worked different territories and sometimes we would drive 6 or 7 hours just to get to a match. We literally lived out of our cars. I didn’t like it so I decided to get my pilots licenses so I could fly and not live so much out of my car.

11. During your career you have wrestled many wrestling legends, was there one that you really wished you had gotten a chance to wrestle?

There are only 2 so called “Living Legends” that were afraid to get in the ring with me and they were Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair!

12. What is your position with NWA-TNA?

I’m head spokes man for the Championship Committee.

13. I read that you are planning to write a book, have you started it yet?

It’s underway I’m about 25% complete. Whenever I can I go to a secluded cabin up in Georgia to work on it. I hope to have it released by next summer. It is going to be a good read not like some of the books out there by other wrestlers.

14. How do you feel about being able to join the PGA Seniors tour?

It’s my second goal in life! Next week I’m going to be doing the Monday qualifiers, with hopes of getting on the tour!

15. Can we do some word association?

Word association is so stupid!


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