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Friday, October 08, 2004

Lady Draven

Lady Draven is a hardcore female wrestler from Texas. She has been a wrestling fan since she was little. But it wasn't until she started going to the Sportatorium every week with her than boyfriend Scott Phoenix. Scott and Lady Draven are still good friends.

Lady Draven decided to go into wrestling after seeing Miss Texas (now Jacqueline) wrestle. Miss Texas was the first female wrestler in PWI 500. That was what really inspired Lady Draven to go in to wrestling.

Lady Draven was trained by Awesome Kong. She made her wrestling debut on April 30,1999. She has wrestled for 24 different wrestling promotions to date. Her wrestling style is Texas strong! She loves doing power moves. Her finishing moves are Samoan Drop and Chokeslam.

Lady Draven has held 2 titles so far they are TNW Women's Title and she is currently XCW Ironman champ. Her favorite wrestlers are Mick Foley, Owen Hart, and Scott Phoenix. So it's not a surprise that she enjoys hardcore matches.

Lady Draven's wrestling goals are to go to Japan to wrestle. I think she would do well in there hardcore matches!


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