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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Mister Saint Laurent Interview

Mister Saint Laurent is an indy wrestler in Florida. He is going to be wrestling at the SCW show tonight in a mixed tag match with So Cal Val! I wish them both the best of luck against Dagon Briggs and Seven!

1.Why did you want to do wrestling?

Professional Wrestling always seemed like the sport that would best allow me to express myself creatively. I look at myself as both an artist and a fighter and pro wrestling allows me to explore both aspects of life at the same time.

2.Where did you do your wrestling training?

My initial training took place in Miami with Duke "The Dumpster" Droese back in '99. That's where I learned the basics. I ended up working in different aspects of the business for several years before deciding to move to Orlando, which is where I met Chasyn Rance. I started working out with Chasyn and he taught me a lot as well.

3.What wrestling promotions have you worked for?

I've worked in wrestling for six years now, but only a year of that has been as a wrestler. As far as working in the ring, I've wrestled for FSPW, IPW, NWA FL, NNW, SCW, FWA, USCW, and NWA Sunray. Out of the ring, I've worked for FOW, MLW, H2 and countless independent promotions throughout Florida while working as Chasyn's manager.

4.What titles have you held?

I haven't been wrestling that long, but I was fortunate enough to defeat Vordell Walker for the SCW Florida Heavyweight Championship over the Summer. That's the only championship I've ever held.

5.Does wrestling ever get in the way of your music?

More than I could have ever imagined! A lot of people don't realize that I'm not just a wrestler. I'm a singer/songwriter, musician, actor, poet, and juggler among other things. Wrestling just seems to have brought me the most success the quickest, so I've had to devote more time to my wrestling career than I initially anticipated. Before I moved to Orlando, I was a regular on the live poetry circuit, but I've had to give that up for now. Sadly, performing poetry pays better than independent wrestling and you don't have to bump!

6.Is there a wrestler that you really look up to?

I'm not the type of person to worship false idols. I can appreciate the work of someone, but if I don't know them personally, I can't look up to them in good conscience because I don't know what they are really about. I think this is one of the reasons I am so involved with my fans. I want them to really know what I'm like and get a feel for my every day life so they can decide if I'm truly worthy of their time and money.

7.What is your training schedule like?

If you had asked me a few months ago, my answer would have been, "What's training?" After years of managing and working behind the scenes, I got used to not having to train and I'm paying for that now. I appreciate that the local fans in Orlando enjoy my work, but I know I have a lot more to offer once I get into better shape. Right now, I'm working out with Chasyn five days a week. I also make sure to get myself into a ring at least a few times a month in addition to the shows I work so I can continue to improve as a technical wrestler.

8.Do you advise any wrestlers other than Chasyn Rance?

Not to the extent that I advise Chasyn, but yes. Guys like Manny Montana, Josh Rich, Leon Scott, and Johnny Schumacher are all good friends of mine and I try my best to help them out when it comes to making career decisions. I handle bookings for a few of them as well.

9.What is your favorite type of match?

I strongly prefer a straight up pro wrestling match to any other type of match.

10.Lets do some word association.

a.Chasyn Rance

Chasyn is the best junior heavyweight in Florida and anybody that disagrees with me doesn't understand this business.

b.So Cal Val

So Cal Val is lovely on both the inside and the outside and I love working with her. As someone who was a manager for so long, I know what to look for in a manager and Valerie has it all.

c.Chris Carson

Chris is the most honest promoter I've ever worked with, which is why I prefer working for Southern Championship Wrestling over any other group in Florida.

d.Daggon Biggs

Definitely my best opponent. Dagon makes me give everything I've got just to survive and I think the fans have really enjoyed our matches.

e.Jason Hexx

Never really worked with Jason, but I can say that he has been the most dependable champion in SCW since I've been around.

f.Manny Montana

Manny is the third fighter in Team Vision ( along with myself and Chasyn. Not only is he a great wrestler, but he's a great jiu jitsu fighter as well. I think Manny adds a lot of legitimacy to Team Vision and I'm glad he's part of the team.

g.Vordell Walker

Vordell will soon be the top guy in Florida.

h.Jerrelle Clark

Never worked with him, but Chasyn has. They've always had great matches and I think Jerrelle and Chasyn are probably the top two juniors in Florida.

i.Mikey Batts

I'm glad to see a local guy like him get a chance to make some money in this business. I wish him the best.


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