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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My Opinion

Before I really start getting in to this post, I just want to say I love TNA, and the fact that they are giving our local guys a shot!

I've noticed that they have been using a lot of the same local guys, which is great for them. They are getting exposure, but we have other great wrestlers in the area, who should be given the chance!

There are 3 that really come to mind at this point. The first one is Chasyn Rance! I've seen him in some amazing matches! Now granted he did do one match on TNA Impact but he wrestled against Scott D'Amore. Scott D'Amore not only out weighs Chasyn, but Scott doesn't wrestle in a way that would show the skills that Chasyn has! Chasyn is more X-Division wrestling. Put him in a match against someone like Chris Sabin or Frankie Kazarian, and you're in for a hell of a match!

The next one that I don't think is being given a chance is Rouge! Ok, some might argue that he is a little older so forget it, but that is certainly not the case! I have seen him in some crazy hardcore matches! The things he will put his body through, just to put on a great show for the crowd, are spectacular! His matches are worth checking out! I think in TNA he maybe sutted for a match with Raven or Sabu.

My last but certainly not least of great local talent is So Cal Val! Not only is she an outstanding wrestler, but she is also a valet! I have seen her wrestle as well as valet, and either way she does an incredible job! I would love to see her in a match against Tracy!

I think they all would really be an incredible addition to an already great TNA line up!! So come on guys give them a chance to shine to!!


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