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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Rabia comes from an insane asylum in Tijuana, Mexico. This madman decided he wanted to become a Luchador in the late 90’s!

So he went to Rey Misterio Sr.’s school for training. Going to school here gave him the opportunity to work with Tijuana’s finest! He also prides himself on being able to learn Lucha and American style wrestling. Plus he has been able to combine them into his own unique wrestling style!

Rabia graduated in 1999. He had big plans for his gimmick but Rey Misterio Sr. has his own plans! He brought back Halloween masks and gave them to his top 3 students. From that day on Rubia wore a ripped flannel shirt with a leather mask that has 3-inch spikes on it! Rubia enters the ring to Chaos A.D by Sepulta!

Rubia works many promotions from Mexico through California. Such as SPW, Promociones Mora, and Luchamania. He hasn’t been able to win any titles yet. Some of his favorite matches are when he gets to team with Leprosy.

He like to stay current with his style and keep the product fresh even though he gets regular bookings! Some of his favorite wrestlers are Zumbido, De Santo, Nicho El Millonario, and Damien 666.

Rubia is also part of The Lucha Libre Mafia! He is a brutal opponent to go up against. Anyone going up against him knows there in for a tuff match. He plans to go back to Tijuana to wrestle soon even though the Tijuana Wrestling Commission is making wrestling there difficult.


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