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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Raven is one of the most unique wrestlers out there today. Raven has been able to change promotions with out having to change his gimmick! He is one of the few wrestlers that has been able to do that!

"What about Raven" is a quote that is recognized by wrestling fans of all ages!

Raven's real name is Scott Levy. His birthday is September 8, 1964. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Raven went to the Monster Factory in Westville, New Jersey for his training. He made his wrestling debut in February 20, 1988.

When he made his wrestling debut with ECW. He quickly moved up in the roster. ECW was the perfect promotion for Raven because he excels in the extreme! Some of his best extreme matches were against Sabu! Since both are willing to risk life or limb to win the match!

Raven has also had quite an impact on other wrestlers as well as wrestling fans all over the world. Not matter what promotion Raven has worked for it seems he always manages to have a "Flock."

Even now with Raven wrestling for NWA-TNA he has had some followers. Raven has held many titles during his career. Several for extreme wrestling.

Wrestling isn't the only thing that Raven does. He also collaborates with comic book writers as creative support. The most successful comic book Raven has worked on is Marvel Comics "Spider- Man's Tangled Web." The story that Raven worked on was "The Last Shoot."

Quote the Raven Nevermore..........


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