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Friday, October 29, 2004

Scott Lost Interview

Before you go on to read this interview I feel there needs to be a little explaination about the questions. Scott was so excited about getting interviewed that he just copied Arele Little Feather's interview and answered her questions. So if it seems that the questions are geared more towards a girl well they are! But I think Scott did a great job and really took the questions in stride!

1. When did you decide to go in to wrestling?

In 2000 when I started training. I didn't ever think of becoming a pro wrestler until I met my old tag partner, Ryan Ruffio. He told me about a school up in LA and we went and checked it out. We'd been wrestling on my trampoline for months and it gave me such a rush that I decided I wanted to give it a try for real.

2. Since you are of Native American background did going in to wrestling go
against any of your beliefs?

I'm not Native American. What are you high?

3. Did you have a lot of support from your friends and family?

Yeah, my family was scared for me at first, much like all families that care, they realized that I loved it more than anything else. They still worry every once in a while but not as much.

4. Where did you do your training?

I was trained at UPW.

5. Who trained you?

Most of my training came from Tom Howard and a little bit by Samoa Joe.

6. Do you find it hard being a female in wrestling?

What? What kind of questions are these?!?! SoCal Val set me up, I know it.

7. How would you describe your wrestling style?

I'm fucking crazy!!! Just kidding. Uhh... I'd say technical/fantsy pants. Yup. That's my wrestling style.

8. Do you valet as well or are you strictly a female wrestler?


9. What is your standard ring attire like?

This is kind of a weird question, but I guess I'll go with it. A singlet with my symbol on it... and my name is usually on it too... Most of the time on the butt. Why?

10. What is your favorite wrestling move?

Sharpshooter, the flight of Superman(I do this flying spearthingy into the corner), Butterfly kick.

11. Are there any wrestlers that you hope to have the opportunity to wrestle

Tony Danza.

12. Who is your favorite wrestler?

Bret Hart. He's the best ever. Fuck Ric Flair.

13. What is your favorite type of match?

Female mudd wrestling

14. So far what do you think was your finest wrestling moment?

Going to Japan to wrestle for Osaka Pro. They were so light over there it was recockulous! It's all a work you wrestlers who beat the crap out of each other!

15. What is your wrestling goal?

I would love to wrestle for the WWE. Even on Velocity every week, I don't care. I'd also love to return to Japan and wrestle for Zero One and of course Osaka Pro again. But for now, I'd love to wrestle for the bigger indy feds like NWA TNA, ROH, NWA Wildside, etc.


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