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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Sugar Sato

Japanese female pro wrestling or Jyoshi Pro started in 1948. The women come to the ring in beautiful costumes and wear them when they fight. They have really changed female wrestling. They have combined their knowledge of martial arts with traditional wrestling much like Japanese Male Pro Wrestling.

They are really innovative in their fight style. Their women come in all shapes and sizes! Now with a little bit of history on Japanese Female Wrestling, I wanted to write about Sugar Sato. She wrestles for GAEA the #1 Japanese Pro Wrestling promotion. GAEA was established in 1994.

Sugar’s real name is Toshie Sato. She is from Fukushima, Japan. She was a Japanese comedian on Beat Takeshi’s famous TV show. While she was on the show she met Mr. Kotetsu Yamamoto, he trained her.

When she entered high school she joined the wrestling club. From there she knew that pro wrestling was what she wanted to do. She auditioned for GAEA. She made her first appearance with them on April 15,1995 at Kourakuen Hall.

In July 1996 she left GAEA after being tempted away by Mayumi Ozaki. After she left GAEA she moved from OZ to SSU and HIMIKO. In May 2000 she went back to GAEA!

Sugar has won several titles they are All Japan tag team, WCW Female Cruiserweight, AAAW Jr. Heavyweight, and AAAW Tag Team with Nagashima. Sugar and Nagashima have been tag team partners for 7 years they are they longest running tag team in Japanese Female Pro Wrestling. Sugar's finishing moves are Body Attack and Raiden Drop.

In 2001 Sugar suffered a knee injury that took her out of the sport until 2003. She was able to return to the ring in 2004. She has a very powerful fighting style, as well an awesome technique. If you really want to see her display her power and skills you need to watch her in a free weapons match.


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