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Monday, October 18, 2004

Telling It Like It Is By Michael J. Newton

This is my first column to you from Balad, Iraq. Many of you who read this
may remember me from the Impact show on October 12th, in wich I was
recognized for my service in Iraq. I want to extend my deepest and
heartfelt thank you for your support and your ovation. It really meant a
lot to me and my wonderful wife, Ronni. I look forward to seeing all of you
at the Impact tapings on February 9th 2005.

I have always wanted to write for a website, so when my Father-In-Law told
me that Heather had a website, I jumped at the chance to ask her if I could
write a column for it. She gave me her email address, and I am truly
thankful that I have been given an opportunity to express my views on Pro
Wrestling today.

I will cover a variety of topics from week to week. Some dealing with WWE,
some dealing with TNA, some dealing with the Independent Circuit. Some of
you may view me as a "Smart Mark", which I confess I am. When I agree or
disagree with the direction a company takes, I will be straightforward on my
views. They may be different or similar to yours, but I wil make the best
effort to be objective, un-offending, and fair to all sides.

Once again, I would like to thank all TNA fans in Orlando for the support
you have given me at the October 12th Show. I look forward to providing my
next column on Saturday, October 23rd.

Michael J. Newton

PS: Feedback can be sent to me at


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