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Saturday, November 20, 2004

11/19/04 NRW Show Review

I had arrived at the show a bit early last night but since this was my first NRW show I wanted to make sure I got a good seat! Little did I know at the time that I was in for an incredible night of heart stopping action!

I do have to admit I was a little disappointed when I arrived and found out that the "War Games" match wasn't going to be a cage match do to technical difficulty! But I would later find out that cage or no cage really wouldn't effect the brutality of this match!

NRW Has some extremely talented wrestlers on there roster. There were several wrestlers on the card last night that I have already had the pleasure of seeing them in action. There was some that were new to me but great talent none the less.

One of the first matches of the evening was Flatline VS. Barney Rumble with Rico Moon. This was the second time I've seen Flatline but the first time I've seen Barney! I do have to say when I saw the weight difference I thought Flatline was going to be dead in the water!

I was very impressed to see how well Flatline was able to hold his own against Barney! But this would not last there was some interference from Rico but not to much. Barney did go on to win the match by pin fall. But it was a great match lots of back and forth action!

The next match was one I was really looking forward to maybe more so than any of the other matches on the card. It was the historic first Cruiserweight Champion title match. This match had 2 incredible athletes Jerrelle Clark VS. Chasyn Rance with the sensational So Cal Val and Mister Saint Laurent! This match was just amazing!

I was very impressed that they had more of a technical match than there normal Ariel style match! It just went to show how very talented both of these athletes are! The match was very back and forth from the beginning. There were several near pin falls!

But in the end Chasyn came out the winner! He is now the first NRW Cruiserweight Champion. Some of the people in the audience were implying that there may have been some cheating involved but if there was I didn't see it!

Another huge match of the evening was Rico Casanova VS. Rico Moon. There was a lot at stake in this match because the winner would get 50% of NRW. So to make sure that the match was won fair and square NRW Commissioner Lee Douglas was special guest referee! Now this match was a street fight style.

For any one that hasn't had the opportunity to see one live you don't realize how intense these matches are and they are always an adventure since they always spill out into the audience! This match started out with such a momentum that continued through the whole match! There were chairs and brutal punches flying in every direction.

But when Casanova was getting the best of Moon, Ace Valvone ran into the ring and hit Lee with a chair shot from behind! Now normally Moon would have been able to win the match considering the interference but fate was not on his side and winning just wasn't in the cards for Moon last night!

Moon ended up tripping over an unconius Lee and going head first into the chair that Ace left in to ring. Casanova made a quick cover and referee Chris Carson ran in to do the 3 count! Of course Moon sees the whole match as a great injustice and a huge conspiracy! Which I assure you that was not the case.

Even though I'm sure with Casanova making the win there was a big sigh of relief back in the locker room!

The last match I'm going to review is the main event "War Games" match! Now there were other great matches last night but I've just been touching on all the major highlights of the evening!

Now on to the main event. Like I had said earlier it wasn't a cage match but it was still set up the same way with 2 men to start and a man entering every 2 minutes there after. With an over the top rope disqualification until there were 4 men left in the ring!

The competitors in this match were Axis, Python, Lord of Discipline, Kahagas, and Marcus Dillion VS. Tommy Havoc, Paul Havoc, Big Nasty, Rouge, and Agent Steele! The match started out with Marcus and Steele in the ring. Steele was really getting the better of Marcus until Axis came in to even things out. From there it just became a very crazy, brutal match. At one point in the match Rouge got hit so hard in the chest that the skin broke and started to bleed. The last 4 men to survive this match were Axis, Python, Tommy Havoc, and Paul Havoc! This match became a real knock down drag out brawl. But Havoc would end up being the victorious team!

All in all it was an extremely entertaining night and well worth the money! If you get a chance to check out NRW I suggest that you do. Also don't forget to check out Lee Douglas on Thursday night at 8 PM for Wrestling Wrap!


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