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Friday, November 19, 2004

Big Nasty Tim Washington

Big Nasty Tim Washington has accomplished many incredible things so far in his life! His most recent activity is independent wrestling in the Orlando, FL area.

Outside of the squared circle Tim is as nice as can be but in the ring he is the wrong person to cross! He likes to brag that he had put more people on social security that the government!

It’s so hard to decide where to start with Tim. Tim has always been a very athletic person, in high school he participated in football, basketball and track!

Tim broke seven records that had not been broken in about 30 years! Some of those records he still holds!

Tim was also a boxer for a time, but boxing maybe something in his blood his cousin is Marvin Hagglar boxing champion.

He also won the Ucon Jack arm wrestling competition against an assortment of athletes including Sergeant Slaughter. Tim’s victory is still shown on ESPN from time to time!

Tim was also “Titan” in American Gladiators! This was a major accomplishment for him! Tim had only been out of the hospital for 2 days after a hit and run accident before he tried out!

Just to show an example of his strength doing one of the shows he broke both of his competitors in one of the events.

After his time on American Gladiators ended he went on to try out for Roller Jam! Where he became a blocker for “The Enforcers”! With Tim's incredible size and strength he was able to take his opponent down with out any problems! He was also a jammer from time to time, which just went to show how fast he was for his size!

Now that Roller Jam has ended he is doing Indy wrestling and stunt work! He never bothers to name any of his signature moves because he says he doesn’t care what you call it he is going to take you down!

Tim will be wrestling tonight for NRW in a 10-man cage match! I wish him lots of luck with this and any other endeavor he takes on!


At 1:16 PM, Blogger Wayne Hurlbert said...

I have recommended this great post about Tim Washington over at my roller derby blog.

There are still many WSL RollerJam fans out there who want to hear about their favourite skaters.


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