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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Female Wrestling

What happened to female wrestling? Now there is almost no such thing as female wrestling in the USA. There are a few exceptions such as Traci Brooks, Trinity, and Jacquelyn. Of course there are still female wrestlers in Indy promotions.

Such as Alere Little Feather, Lexie Fyfe, Lady Draven, and So Cal Val. But for the most part what we get to see in a female wrestling match is females degrading themselves in nothing more than a cheap strip club catfight! Back in the day female wrestling was a respectable part of Pro Wrestling.

Now it seems it’s just there to get the male viewer worked up and to buy Diva merchandise. I’m not sure exactly when it was that female wrestling went wrong but I’m sure it’s was in the early to mid 90’s when female wrestlers became more of a show piece than a trained professional.

Oh I know sex sells but there is a point when you need to draw the line. There never used to be mud wrestling matches, bra and pantie matches, or body paint matches. Kids always have and always will be part of wrestling’s fan base and these are things that are a bit inappropriate for them to watch.

Not to mention for the most part women don’t want to watch it either. Think about it people would you really want your daughter to tell you she wanted to grow up and be Trish? Sure she has money but she is forever degrading herself. They are not the athletes that female wrestlers such as Medusa or Rockin Robin were!

Somewhere the whole state of female wrestling went wrong. Not I don’t think they should wrestle totally covered but they can be sexy with out being sleezy! I am also appalled that a few years back a female wrestler such as the Fabulous Moolah and May would go on national TV at their age and degrade themselves by flashing their breasts to the audience.

Moolah was a champion and one of female wrestling legends. You would never see the wrestling legend Penny Banner behaving like that! Behavior like that just turns the whole female pro wrestling circuit in to one big joke! Women have been a part of wrestling history for years.

Even wrestling valets/managers have changed greatly. Valets such as the late Miss Elizabeth used to come to the ring dressed in a sexy evening gown or something but now they wear string bikinis and thongs to the ringside. Less is not always more ladies!

You are there as an arm piece for the wrestler you escort and to help insure he wins the match. Not to have everyone so distracted by what you are or are not wearing at ringside that no one is watching the match they actually came to see.

I have been a wrestling fan for over 20 years and I have seen so many changes and they were all for the better! Even the girls that used to wrestle for female wrestling promotions such as G.L.O.W wore more clothes and had more class than some of what we get subjected to every time a female gets anywhere near the squared circle!

Not that there was anything wrong with G.L.O.W I spent many weekend afternoons when I was younger watching it But it was nothing compared to WWF’S Female Wrestling division they had when the company was in their prime.

Sure WWE (WWF) makes tons of money now but the quality of the product has gone such down hill that I don’t think it will ever get back to the way it was in it’s prime. Well with that having been said I’m now going to get off my soap box and stop preaching!


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