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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Interview With NRW Comissioner Lee Douglas

1.Were you a wrestling fan growing up?

From the earliest remembrances
probably around 8 I was hooked on wrestling. My first match that I
clearly remember was Johnny valentine against Karl Von Hess. Of course
in those days there wasn't much on. There was probably 20 hours of
wrestling on per week. From all over the country, Boston, New York(where
I grew up) Jersey, California

2.Did you participate in wrestling or were you always involved in the
business side of it?

I started out as a photographer and writer for
Wrestling Revue Magazine. Went with a friend of mine to train with the
late Dr Jerry Graham. I spent six months learning how to bump, interview
and eat, Graham believed in eating your way into the heavyweight
division. At the end of the six months my friend went from 175 to 236
and I went from 180 to 178 pounds. Needless to say I wouldn't be a
heavyweight and work in the NY area where I lived. So I worked for the
magazine plus many other wrestling publications, had my own wrestling
news sheet and went to school.

3.What was it that made you want to get involved in wrestling?

I just always enjoyed watching and participating so I thought I'd give it a try

4.Have you ever been injured while working a wrestling promotion?

Sure. I tore my achillles tendon while refereeing for MFW here in Orlando last

5.Your now working with NRW promotion but what other promotions have you
worked for?

I worked for SECW for two years as web master, announcer and
finally commissioner. Worked as announcer on and off for MFW.

6.What are the different aspects of wrestling have you worked?

I have worked as booker, ref, wrestler, commissioner and of course wrestling
talk show host of Wrestling Wrap which is on on the
internet on Thursdays at 8 PM live.

7.Is there any aspect of wrestling you prefer to work?

Yes but I am too old to wrestle anymore. In fact I am actually too old to do anything.

8.Would you like to tell us a little bit about how NRW is different from
other wrestling promotions?

NRW was developed from am idea to give the
wrestlers a guaranteed pay day regardless of how large or small the
crowd might be. We take the time to listen to the wrestlers ideas and
have changed many matches because of that. We try and give all a fair
shake. To all. The business of working for nothing to get experience is
not in our mission statement. We respond to all e mails from fans and
wrestlers alike within 24-48 hours. Also I take this job very seriously
and try to show respect to all fans, wrestlers and other wrestling
promotions. The only one I don't show respect for is the WWE. My problem
dates back to Vince McMahon Sr. getting me fired from my job at
Wrestling Revue because I criticized their matches too much.

9.Being commissioner what are the duties you have to make sure that
everything runs smoothly?

You name it, I do it. I write the flyers,
write the program. Help with my partners book the talent, do the angle,
and work to ensure there will always be another show coming.

10.Do you think that there is a justification in Ricco Moon claiming
that is was a conspiracy against him in his match at War Games for 50%
of the company?

Absolutely, I played his game and beat him. I didn't
make him trip over me, he was just clumsy. I looked back and in the year
history of NRW and two years prior in SECW, Moon was responsible for
every win from every wrestler he managed. Now he turns around and cried
FOUL. Maybe so but I will give him a return match when he returns the
winning money share from each and every match that he cheated for his
wrestlers over the last three years.

11.What do fans have to look forward to in the coming months with NRW?

I think we have some big surprises in store for the fans in 2005. But I
cant go into any more details right now.

12.You host Wrestling Wrap an online wrestling show, how did doing this
come about?

I was just working in SECW and wanted to get some publicity
from Bewteen the Ropes. After numerous phone calls and e mails to them,
I realized they wanted no part of local organizations unless they paid
for the privilege. So I decided to give all the local indies a chance to
get on a show and plug their shows.. From there we have had a successful
run cut short by a man who thought our show wasn't smutty enough and
told us we'd have to pay to continue the show. The we got on the group and we are enjoying free control over what we do.

13.What is one of the craziest things that has happened on Wrestling

Too many to name. All usually revolves around the Man Named
Rouge's inability to talk. The there was the night I hit Rico Moon with
a crutch while he was calling all of us some names. And of course any
time Python came on he went berserk and cursed and said things that I
wasn't too happy with.

14.Is there any guest that you really enjoy having on?

Believe it or not
Rico Moon is my favorite guest.

15.Thank You, for doing this interview Lee is there anything you would
like to add?

It is my nature to talk a lot so of course I have something
to add. We want to expand NRW and despite thieves posing as friends and
rumors and inuendos Rico Casanova and I will continue to give the fans
what they want. That's why we have the Livest wrestling crowds in the
Central Florida area. We use wrestlers from all the indies in Central
Florida plus Georgia and Alabama. We are always looking for sponsors to
help get us on television which of course is the next logical step. We
always will try to give the wrestling fans what they want and only
problems with wrestlers not showing up or logistical nightmares like the
cage not fitting inside the building doors which cant be helped, make us
a change a card. Again anyone with questions about our promotion can e
mail me @ for a quick response.


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