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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Konnan Interview

1. Why did you decide to go in to professional wrestling?

I went to a Lucha show in Tijuana and fell in love with it.

2. Where did you do your wrestling training? Who trained you?

I trained in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez and was trained by Rey Mysterio Sr, Pscosis, Eddie Guerrero, Super Astro and Negro Casas

3. With your U.S Navy background do you think that your professional wrestling training was a little easier than it would have been with out it?

No my Navy background did not make it easier my heart and passion did

4. Were you involved in any other sports?

I was very successful in boxing and tennis. I also have a lot of trophies on my mantle for track, judo, bodybuilding, volleyball, baseball, football, waterpolo, basketball

5. You were a masked Lucha Libre wrestler in Mexio for a while, do you prefer to wrestle with or with out the mask? Why?

without a mask, it is easier to see and breathe

6. You were also an actor and in the band Los Gringos Locos while you were wrestling in Mexico. Is acting and music something your still pursuing or are you sticking strictly to wrestling?

I still hope one day to put out a rap record again but in Mexico and I think I will one day have my own show on TV

7. How do you feel about being considered one of the biggest names in Mexican wrestling history?

Tremendous honor

8. You've wrestled in the US, Mexico, and Japan. They all have different wrestling styles. Is there one you prefer? Why?

Mexican Lucha it is the most exciting and creative to

9. You have wrestled as both a face and a heel do you prefer one to the other?

love being a heel

10. To this point what do you feel has been your greatest wrestling moment?

Way to many, being in the Wolfpac, traveling the world, being a huge draw in Meico and meeting so many cool fans.


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