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Sunday, November 14, 2004

My Opinion On Yesterdays Post

I just have to write my opinion on yesterdays post! I know the whole thing was just stupid and kind of funny. But there is also parts of it that are just retarded!

First off if Vince wanted to make a commercial or whatever in an Orlando, Florida theme park why did he have to use Universal Studio's when there are plenty of other ones?

Well I have a theory on this. I think they wanted to shake up there competition and maybe try to run them off!

I think the best thing in the world for WWE is a bit of stiff competition! Even though there are a lot of people out there that are saying ohhhhhhh TNA is going out of business or their are no compatition for WWE.

TNA has to many shrude businessmen with many years in the business to go under so easily! Lets give them all a little credit they aren't people that know nothing about the business. They have plenty of experience!

Well, guess what folks Vince must see them as a bit of competition or he wouldn't have went over the deep end over a simple gesture of kindness! I mean come on they were bearing cookies and balloons!!

OK grant it Abyss is intimidating but how scary is he really when he has his hands full of balloons! What did they think they were going to beat them half to death with balloons and cookies!

I totally agree with the point they made in the statement about Vince being a bull. The whole thing was totally uncalled for.

I'm sure he realizes that the best thing for them would be a little bit of competition. I mean they're not on top of the world like they were when WCW and ECW were still part of the equation!

People are getting bored with their stupid, stale storylines and have nothing else to watch. So they just stop watching all together! So WWE just get over it and enjoy a little competition!


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