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Thursday, November 18, 2004

New Revolution Wrestling

Indy wrestling promotion New Revolution Wrestling is based in Orlando,FL. On Friday November 19,2004 they will be having their first Anniversary show “War Games”. From the looks of it there are going to be some really good matches with some great local Indy talent!

The biggest match they have listed is a 10-man cage match! It will be Axis, Python, Lord of Discipline, Kahagas, and Marcus Dillon VS. Tommy Havoc, Paul Havoc, Big Nasty, Agent Steele, and Rouge! I’ve seen several of these guys in action. This match should be very violent and brutal! It should be interesting to see which team wins with the amazing amount of strength involved in this match!

There is also going to be a Street Fight for 50% ownership of NRW! This match will feature Rico Casanova VS. Rico Moon with Lee Douglas as special guest referee! For anyone not familiar with Lee Douglas he is NRW’S Commissioner and also hosts Wrestling Wrap Radio every Thursday night at 8pm on

They are also going to crown the first ever NRW Cruiserweight Champion! This match will feature 2 outstanding highflyers Jerrelle Clark and Chasyn Rance! Both of these wrestlers have been on NWA-TNA. Jerrelle has signed with them and Chasyn has had a couple matches with them. It’s been a while since I have seen these 2 fine athletes in the ring and I can’t wait to see them in action!

There are several other matches as well such as Flatline VS. Barney Rumble, The Crude Alliance VS. The Breakers and others!

This should be a great Friday night out! For ticket information call 321-277-1053 or on the web at Don’t forget to check out Wrestling Wrap Radio on Thursday nights!


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