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Monday, November 15, 2004

REALLY Telling It Like It Jon-Michael Newton

This Week: Jesus H. Christ, Here We Freaking Go Again!!

Last night was a monumental night in the short history of TNA; it's
inaugural Pay Per View, Victory Road. The event was stellar, ESPECIALLY the
X-division Gauntlet match. Jacqueline did a great job putting over Trinity
and showcasing her skills. And what more can I say about the X-Division and
Tag title matches? TNA is doing a great job of putting over Petey Williams
and Team Canada. Excellent job of booking on TNA's part. And maybe my
synopsis of Frankie Kazarian as a jobber for life may be unfounded. All in
all, an excellent Pay Per View.......

......Right up to the World title Match.....

....Did any of us wrestling fans with half a brain think this was going to
go any different?? Jeff Hardy basically looked like he didn't want to be in
the arena. Jarrett, as much as I think he has no business being a world
champion in ANY promotion, actually wrestled a good match. But did any of
us think that it was going to go any different than Hall and Nash joining
with Jarrett?? If so, please stand up so I can laugh at you!!!

And what the heck was that with Randy Savage coming out?? What is next?
Freddie Blassie coming back from the dead?? Hall and Nash taking out the
entire TNA roster and making them essentially look bad was unacceptable. I
have said all along that this was a bad deal. It seems like TNA is doing
everything right...EXCEPT the World Title situation. even the Monster's
Ball Match was good. Abyss and Monte Brown actually carried the match,
which was impressive. But carting old storylines from a promotion long
gone, and dragging old wrestlers out just to get a quick pop is not going to
work. I have said before, the only three wrestlers this works with is Ric
Flair, Terry Funk. and Sting. When I see Randy Savage coming out, I think
"Jesus H. Christ, here we freaking go again".

TNA needs to rectify the problems it has at the top of its roster or things
are going to go south really fast. The Tag Team division is stellar.
Williams and Styles proved the X-Division is possibly the best thing going
in wrestling, and it will only get better when Jerry Lynn gets healed up.
The mid-card is solid. All TNA needs is to get their heads on straight at
the top. You have free agents like Lance Storm, Test, Mike Awesome, and
quite possibly soon, Kane. Bring some of them in and give the World Title
chase some punch. Don't go to quick fixes, because as WCW and the XWF
proved, it is simply a (Victory) Road to Nowhere.

Next time. Jon-Michael breaks down the Survivor Series. Also, are Kane,
RVD, and The Dudleys on their way out??? Take care and see you in 11


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