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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Some Comments On Indy Promotions

You know I know several Indy wrestlers and they tend to state that they don't get half as many people as they could! Well, it's not that the shows or the wrestlers are that poor of quality that they don't draw people there are 2 simple reasons on why they don't attract people.

The first reason which is probably they main reason they don't draw big crowds is they don't promote the shows! For the most part they are all of the belief that if you have the show people will just come! Well, folks it just doesn't work that way! I've done promotions for years mostly bands put it's all the same principle.

If people don't know your there they can't come to your show! I don't mean just having a street team because for the most part you get a few people that really bust their ass and the rest do nothing but still get the perks! I mean come on people go where there are a lot of people in your area and hand out flyers or something. Post on a messageboard or two but you need to work to get people in.

The other reason is at least in my area they have the shows out in the middle of nowhere! Who really wants to drive 45 minutes to an hour to see an indy show in bad chairs in a school gym! You end up paying $10 to $20 a person to drive forever and be uncomfortable. Not to mention that it's a bit pricey if you have a family if it was a little more affordable more people would come.There has got to be a way to make it more comfortable for audience. To make them feel like they made a wise choice in spending there money.

Now there are some indy promotions that are just poorly run and they don't have very good talent so for those promotions there really isn't anything that can help them because if your product is bad it's just bad!

I am in no way directing my comments at any indy promotion in particular! But they all need to give a thought to promoting because it is a benefit for everyone involved. Not to mention there are tons of people that would go if they knew about it!


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