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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Tag Team Champions 3 Live Kru

With Konnan's resent injury one would wonder what this will mean for the upcoming tag team title match on TNA'S Victory Road Pay Per View!

It's been announce that fellow 3 Live Kru member Ron "The Truth" Killings is going to defend the title in Konnan's place but there could be a problem with this because there is a big size difference between Konnan and Ron.

Konnan has more weight and is more of a skilled and experienced wrestler. Ron is a good wrestler but he doesn't have the experience that Konnan has. Konnan has wrestled in Japan, the USA, and in Mexico. But Ron has some of his own moves that are awesome.

Another problem for 3 Live Kru will be Scott D'Amore! Scott is always there to lend a hand to his wrestlers to help insure they win. Team Canada is a very skilled group of wrestlers even without Scott's help but he likes to give his team the winning advantage!

There is one more little problem that would be the Kings of Wrestling! They seem to be just about everyone's problem at the moment. They are quickly become a force to be recond with!

I'm sure what ever happens it will be one hell of a match and I hope that 3LK gets to keep there belts a little longer!


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