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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Telling It Like It Is....By Jon-Michael Newton

This Edition: Inside the Twisted Mind of Dr. Newton.

I get asked this question a lot: "Why can't you just take wrestling for what
is?? Why do you have to be so analytical??

My answer is two-fold and pretty simple on both points. First, I am an
educated man from the information age, so I am analytical by nature. The
popularity of ECW brought out the power of the Internet in opinions on
wrestling. I am not insinuating that people that do not think along these
lines are "stupid", because that is not the case, but it is simply a
framework for the way I view the business and how I write my columns.
Heather, my counterpart, is different. She takes wrestling for what it is
and has a much less nit-picking approach, but her columns are no less
merited nor are they inferior. Heather has a wealth of knowledge about the
sport, but she views it differently.

Second, I am a person who demands quality. When I go to a restaurant to
eat, I want quality service, or else I am going to walk out. When I watch a
movie, if it is not good, I will leave early. When I watch a wrestling
show, I want a quality product, and I do not want my intelligence insulted.
Otherwise, I will turn it off.

This is why I have essentially stopped following WWE. When Mr. Mcmahon made
it clear that he was going to insult my intelligence with all his Triple H
politics and horrible storylines, he basically lost all respect I had for
him. When TNA makes creative mistakes that may jeopardize their momentum, I
get nervous. I personally am sick of WWE, as most people in The Pit are.
That is why I want TNA to keep their momentum, hopefully leading to Mr.
Murdoch at Fox to really pump some money in and give vince a heart attack

Of course I get, "But Mike, Triple H is supposed to be a bad guy, you aren't
SUPPOSED to like him" That is true, but not liking someone and that person
boring me to the point of changing the channel are two different things
entirely. When the Dudleys were arguably the most despicable, vile heels in
all of wrestling history in ECW, I lived to see them get beat down, but when
they were on, my eyes were glued, because they had you interested. Same
with Justin Credible. Same with Ric Flair in his NWA heyday. That is what
a heel is supposed to do. Make you hate him, but at the same time,
mesmerize you that you can't get enough of this guy. I hated these guys
during the show, but at the same time, I thought they were the show and they
were the coolest guys on the planet!! That is the difference.

Get used to it....Fans like me have been in vogue since the mid-90's, and
blame Paul Heyman for people like me. then again, blame Vince McMahon for
making such a crappy product and making fans demand more, as we should in
all things in life. Enjoy Victory Road, my fellow TNA fans, and I will see
you in 11 weeks!!! God Bless!!


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