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Monday, November 22, 2004

Telling It Like It Jon-Michael Newton

This Week....Breaking down Survivor Series.....and other thoughts.

Well, Survivor Series has come and gone and pretty much it was a pretty run
of the mill event as far as PPV's go. Three things basically were made
known. Randy Orton is basically the future of the company, RVD is buried
and pretty much on his way out, and, well, the women's division still is an
insult to my intelligence!!!

First things first. In the Smackdown Survivor Series match, Eddie Guerrero
got over on Kurt Angle. Except for the stupid run off of Super Crazy
ERRRRRR Carlito Carribean Cool, It was a fair match. The whole spin on the
storyline dragged down John Cena, which I thought would have been the star
of this match. But oculd this match have been any more indicative of RVD
being BURIED!! First guy out, and no offense or good moves in. It is a
pretty much a foregone conclusion that his days in WWE may be numbered.

In other news, the body of Jimmy Hoffa was found, Pigs can actually fly, and
Triple H actually put someone over!! Orton looked really good, and it is
pretty evident he is going to get another strap run after his showing. Now
only if Jericho and Benoit could get some more run again, yeah like that
will happen.

Undertaker-Heidenreich was pretty good, but it was pretty much the standard
Undertaker match, with lots of no-selling and all that, so more on that some
other time.

JBL-Booker T....I am starting to think JBL is getting some on the side form
Stephanie. How is this guy a world champ?? On top of that, champ for 4
months now!!!! If there was ever a time Booker T should have been put over,
it was now. Just further proof that is you are not one of Vince's "boys"
then you are pretty much an also ran in his company!!

The Women's match..don't get me started. What an abomination ending in a
DQ. I mean how bad can it get?

Well that is pretty much my speil on that. My column is pretty short
otnight being I am suffering from writer's block. I will be back next week,
hopefully when I have my mind refreshed. Take Care for now


At 6:20 AM, Blogger Hawk166 said...

Mike..MIke...Mike...Let me first say as A "Bradshaw" fan I am finally getting used to the JBL gimmick. He has proved whether you like him or not he has done his job as a heel champ. His matches have not been train wrecks as you would have thought and he has great speaking abilities. Not sure if you knew this but RVD just sigh a new 2 or 3 year deal, so the buring will continue. There is no reason for this, he gets a bigger pop than anyone. He deserves a shot and a good program against Eddie for the belt would be awesome. Oh wait that means they would have to kill eddies depushifacation. <---ha my new kayfabe word. HHH never puts anyone over for anything. If the company really wanted new angles the RKO vs Edge angle for the world title would fit the bill. Seriously, why hasn't someone from the back accidently hurt him. Single handedly has become everything Hall, Nash, Hogan and Shawn Michaels combined. You think Vince would notice, oh well there is always TNA now. Although I see alot of cancer growing there, hope they watching "up north".

Keep watching for us over there.

The Hawk


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