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Monday, November 29, 2004

Telling it like it Jon-Michael Newton

This edition: going from the heart, not the mind.

As you have read from my column, I can be very critical of many things. I
take a very "Joey Styles" approach to my views on wrestling, being very
analytical of characters and storylines. As you also know, I have been very
critical of TNA's recent practice of pulling old characters out of mothballs
to make a short term punch that may prove detrimental in the long run. That
is my opinion and I base it on knowing what has made companies thrive and
what has made companies, like the UWF and WCW, go down the drain.

But tonight, I am going to break tradition and shoot from the heart, not the
hip. For Scott Hall and DDP, two men who I kind of got on in my columns,
did something I am thankful for.

In September, DDP made a trip to Balad, where I am stationed. I got to take
his picture with him. My wife Ronni has the picture framed. Last week, she
met DDP at Impact. DDP remembered the picture, and also signed the copy and
will be putting it on his website. That in itself really made not only my
Wife, but myself have her spirits raised. Then after the show, Ronni got to
meet Hall and Nash. Scott Hall chatted with me and told me how grateful he
was of mine and our service to America. Then he joked around about my wife
flirting and stuff, which brightened my day.

So to Scott Hall and DDP, I want to thank you for providing me with the
morale I need to make it through the days in Balad. ANd thank you for
putting a smile on my Wife's face, the face of a wife who has had to go
through many trials as an Army Wife. I also want to make an impassioned
plea. We, the fans of TNA, have our hearts and souls in this company. It
is a company we want to see succeed and make Vincent K McMahon take notice
that he is not the dictator of wrestling anymore. Please make us proud.
Please take the young guys and show them the right way to do things. Please
show them the WCW that nearly put Vince out of business, not the sad days of
WCW where only 750 fans would show up to Nitro, and the company was dying.
that is all I ask. Let's make this work, and in the words of Chris
Benoit...Prove me wrong!!!

Well wrestling fans, I just got off shift, so I am going to hit the sack,
but have fun and be well. I will see you on February 2nd at Stage 21!!!
Who knows, we may just have RVD by then....we can hope!!!


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