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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

TNA Spoiler

I am the first to say for the most part I hate spoilers! So you might wonder why I'm writing what would be considered a spoiler! Well, folks its like this it was so stupid I have to comment while it's fresh in my mind.

I went to the Impact taping like I do every week well to my dismay at the last match Randy "Macho Man" Savage came out to interfere! I mean come on after all the stupid Bs from last week with Hulk and Randy.

Randy claimed to have quit TNA but low and behold he was there tonight! What's a matter no one else would have him? Or was there a problem with him just up and quitting like that?

I personally think they should just let him go cut there loses and say see ya! He really isn't an asset to the company. If any thing he is more of a joke than the great wrestler he once was!

He gets the mic just to go on and on and on about who knows what because you can't even hear him. Which I'm sure your much better off that way! Does he even have much of a fan base any more? He is just a washed up mouth piece now that we can just do without!


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