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Saturday, November 13, 2004


Credit To: The official NWA-TNA website

November 12, 2004 (Nashville, TN) In response to media reports about a misunderstanding that occurred at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL this past Wednesday -- TNA Entertainment issued an apology to Vince McMahon and WWE for what was apparently a mistakenly perceived “hostile” act.

In recent months, Universal Studios and TNA have become the epicenter of the wrestling world. Last Sunday at Victory Road, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and “Macho Man” Randy Savage made their dramatic returns to professional wrestling. Even the immortal Hulk Hogan was backstage and also witnessed the electricity of that historic night. Two days later, during a TV taping for iMPACT!, Diamond Dallas Page made a surprise return to the ring.

This past Wednesday, Vince McMahon and all the top stars of WWE were at Universal Studios, just feet from TNA’s Sound Stage 21, to film a commercial.

TNA staff was elated that the WWE was coming to their home. While filming vignettes that day for TNA’s upcoming pay-per-view, “Turning Point”, TNA Superstars 3 Live Kru, Traci, Abyss and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas decided to offer some hospitality and welcome WWE to their home. Carrying cookies and balloons, they approached the WWE talent during a break in their shooting. However, the congenial welcome was met with ungracious resistance. The WWE talent immediately withdrew to their studio, where they remained sequestered behind closed doors.

WWE has filed a formal letter of complaint with Universal Studios. One senior WWE official even sent a production assistant to TNA Soundstage 21 and delivered a verbal warning that if any WWE talent was filmed by TNA, “we will sue your f------ a--.”

“I was disheartened,” said “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. “If our kind gesture was mistakenly perceived as threatening and hostile, we sincerely apologize.”

Even the monster Abyss, in a rare melancholy moment, was seen with a tear in his eye, still clutching the very same balloons that no one from WWE wanted.

“Personally, I just wanted some mahi mahi,” confessed BG James, upon seeing the elaborate WWE catering spread. “The only thing I had to eat all day was a stinking cold sandwich from my cheap free-lance producer. Now I know how the other half eats.”

Some things in life are consistent. Success breeds envy. The bully always picks on the little guy. But we all know how the story of David and Goliath ends…

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