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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Victory Road

Victory Road was an awesome pay per view! There was so much action and excitement it is hard to decide where to start! So I think I will start with my few complaints first.

I have to say I don't have that many complaints really and I in no way want to sound like I'm whining but one of the Universal personal in charge of handling the crowd let some people in to the event before anyone and they took up all the best seats as well as the handicapped seating so there wasn't any seats for the handicapped people's family. Now the reason I'm so pissed over this is I paid $49 per person and go stuck in crappy seats because the Universal personal let their friends who are also Universal employees in first! Which I thought was totally uncool. Not that this is TNA'S fault this was defiantly Universal's personal that messed up!!

Now enough of my complaining and on to the matches! The first match was the 20 Man Gauntlet started with Kazarian and Sonjay Dutt. That was just the start of what was an incredible match. I was very disappointed that Mikey Batts or Chris Sabin didn't win. Even though I did think it was very impressive that Kazarian managed to make it through to be one of the final 2 in the match! The other person was Hector Garza. I can't say I was thrilled that Hector won but you can't always expect your favorites to win all the time.

Next came the 8 man tag match Kid Kash, Dallas, The Naturals vs. Erik Watts, Pat Kenney, Johnny B Badd, and The Truth. This one was a pretty good match and I was having trouble deciding who I wanted to win in this one since I like people on both teams. This match ended with The Truth pinning Andy Douglas!

Than came one of the matches I was most looking forward to the Lucha Libre Mini's Match! This one was very exciting to watch. It was Piratita Morgan (Little Pirate)(a fat pirate looking midget) vs. Mascarita Sagrada (a very small power ranger looking midget). I didn't realize that they were going to be just a highflying as the bigger Lucha Libre's but they were and very fast. It was really incredible and funny to watch. Mascarita Sagrada was the winner of the match!

The next match was for the Tag Team Title. Team Canada vs. 3Live Kru! This match was pretty good as well. Of course there was interference in the match. You could expect nothing less when you have someone like Scott D'Amore at ring side with his hockey stick! But to Team Canada's miss fortune The Truth came to help out his team mates by stopping Scott from interfering to much. 3Live Kru won the match and becoming the new Tag Team champions of the world!

Next came In the Pit with Piper! His special guest was "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka! Who for those of you real wrestling trivia people he was the first ever Piper's Pit guest! The interview was more of an apologize for what had happened between them so many years ago. But Kid Kash had to come out and run his mouth. He attacked Snuka. Kazarian and Michael Shane also came out to back up Kid Kash! Feeling that he didn't really do anything for the sport! Piper and Sonjay Dutt came to Snuka's rescue. But Kid Kash ended up hitting Sonjay Dutt in the head with a coconut instead of Snuka.

Next match was Trinity's open challenge. She started the match running her mouth about how there was no one that had the guts to face her. But to her surprise and the audiences as well Jacquelyne came out to take her on. It was a very good female match. Trinity ended up winning but I can bet she felt it the next morning.

The Monsters Ball match came next and I was really looking forward to this match because Raven is one of my favorite wrestlers. First to the ring was the monster Abyss next came Raven and than Monty Brown. It was a brutal match. Raven got knocked out of the ring and was out of the match for while during this time Abyss gave Monty a good beating. Then Abyss pulled out his bag of tacks and spread them out with the intentions of slamming Monty in to them. To which Monty was sitting on the top turnbuckle but Raven had other plans he snuck in the ring and slammed Abyss in the tacks. Abyss had tacks stuck in him all over the place and was bleeding like crazy. Unfortunately for Raven while he was setting up a table Monty pounced him into it and won the match!

Next was the X-Division Championship Petey Williams vs. AJ Styles. Before the match started Scott D'Amore told Petey if he lost he was getting shipped back to Canada! So this was what you would expect from the 2 of them right from the start! There was so much action in this match it was hard to tell the out come. But in the end Petey got the pin fall and retained his belt. I was very excited about this because I wanted Petey to win!

The last team standing match with Triple X vs. America's Most Wanted was kinda boring! I expected much more from 2 fine tag teams. Both teams were way to cocky and it turned out to be more of a pissing contest than a match. It was a total disappointment. America's Most Wanted got the win when Chris Harris beat Skipper.

Mike Tanney entered the ring to announce the Director of Authority which to a very unsurprising out come Dusty Rhodes won.

Now it was time for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy. Let me just say on this match I was looking forward to Jeff Hardy getting a good beating! I am so sick of Hardy and all his little Hardy freaks. This was a hell of a good match there was a lot of brawling and flying. Scott Hall came down to ring side to help Jarrett but not as much as you would have thought. At the end of the match Jarrett got his guitar to take to Hardy when Kevin Nash made his way to ring side with 2 guitars. He gave one to Hall and the 3 of them broke them on Hardy. Than Jarrett made the pin retaining his title! Nash went on to state that Hall and him were there to stay and did an open challenge that 3 Live Kru and AJ Styles answer. But then out of no where Macho Man Randy Savage showed up to help out 3 Live Kru and AJ. I can't wait to see how this saga will unfold over the coming month!!


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