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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Impact Spoiler and My Thoughts

Well, TNA has decide that they are going to do there Impact taping every 2 weeks now I assume it will go back to weekly after the holidays pass. I hope so anyway it's a little ruff to remember this taping schedule!

So I went to last nights taping. For the first Impact I was glad to see that Mikey Batts was wrestling. He was up against a very angry Christopher Daniels.

Daniels won the match but Mikey was really holding his own and showing everyone not only is he a great tag team wrestler but he is also a great singles wrestler! It's easy to see that Mikey has a bright future ahead of him!

Now on to the second Impact that they taped because this is the one that really got my attention! Between the Impact tapping they announced that there was going to be a new wrestler, wrestling for the first time on Impact.

So of course the crowd is on the edge of there seats with anticipation. Of course this match was one of the last matches on Impact. They announce Johnny Swinger and his opponent is none other than Dustin Rhodes (AKA Golddust)!

Now I can't say I was surprised by this now that Dusty is in charge of bookings of course he is going to bring in his son! Which is no big deal because as we all know wrestling tends to be a family business.

Dustin gave Johnny a beating he wont forget soon. Than he went on to say that he was challenging Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Champion at there next PPV "Final Resolution" on January 16,2005.

Now here is just my prediction but I think that Dustin is going to be the new champion after the PPV. Now the reason I think this is probably different from what the rest of you are thinking!

Not necessarily because Dusty is going to make it happen but because in my opinion like Jarrett, Dustin has the experience to hold that title. Not that I'm saying Monty would be a great champion but he isn't ready to be champion yet!

Than there was Hardy but did anyone really think he would become champion? I mean come on he has lost his moves. At "Turning Point" Hardy did the best Swanton I've seen him do since he came to TNA and that was an accident! I'm also going to predict a 3 way match with Raven, DDP, and Eric Watts for "Final Resolution."

You can see this one coming last night and I think from what Raven was saying something went on with Eric and Kimberly so I wonder if she is going to make an appearance. Raven kept saying "You forgave the unforgivable or maybe you don't know" or something like that. But I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit though.

There are also a lot of rumors of Billy Gunn coming on once he is fully released from his WWE contract. If I was TNA I would pick a PPV to bring him back on to help 3LK maybe? That would also give them the opening to bring in the much rumored Sean Waltman to make his return to the squared circle!

It only makes you wonder who else is going to show up on TNA maybe the return of Sting? or someone else all together we maybe didn't even give it much thought! I do think that Sean Waltman would really pump some life in to the X-Division and that is something they really need!


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