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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Interview WIth Indy Wrestler Special Effex

1. Where are you from?

I was born and raised in new york city.

2. Were you a wrestling fan growing up?

Yea, I remember sitting on my fathers shoulders when Andre the Giant got body slammed by Hogan. That day forever changed my life.

3. Was there a certain wrestler that really inspired you?

Shawn Michaels, before shawn it was Super Fly. These two wrestlers really changed the course of wrestling in my eyes. We arent limited to just matt work anymore, because of them we get twice as many flashing cameras.

4. Did you participate in any sports growing up?

I was into everything growing up, Basketball, Baseball, Football and Gymnastics.

5. When did you know that wrestling is what you wanted to do?

I really think it was Hogans bodyslam on Andre, But I probably wasnt inspired to become the daredevil I am until I saw a Rey Mysterio and Kidman match.

6. Where did you do your training? And with who?

I trained at the L.i.w.f. Doghouse in Brookyln,Ny. At LIWF I learned from a list of guys including T.O.T, Danny Yams, and Grim Reefer. I didnt take wrestling seriously untill I was approached by Low Life Loui. Loui really believed in me and always told me I had something. It was Loui and Jonny "deranged" that really pushed me.

7. What are the wrestling promotions have you wrestled for?

I have wrestled for :

P.A.W ( a fed which was running out of the LIWF)
R.D.W. (no idea)
H.O.P.W.F (house of pain wrestling federation)

8. Have you held any titles? If so what ones?

A bunch of titles that dont mean anything to me. Mostly Cruiser titles. Held a tag title with Ariel (Saber).

9. How long have you been wrestling?

About 3 1/2 years now

10. Do you prefer to wrestle singles or tag team?

Whatever works really, I prefer Singles but wouldnt over look tag team wrestling.

11. Do you have your own signature move?

I do, and I dont believe anyone can do them but me, so it helps (laughs)
I can pull a Shooting Star Press into a DDT and have done it to a Rana a few times. I can also say im the only person I know of that can pull a Double SkyTwister Press( yea thats more than the Infrared!!!)

12. You also do music, would you like to tell us about your music?

I dont want to seem like a king of none and jack of all trades, so lets just focus on wrestling. (laughs)

13. Is your entrance music your own work or do you come out to someone
elses music?

I come out to alternative rock, not hiphop. Im Special Effex, Mr. Indyrific himself! How would the walking summer blockbuster look coming out to 50 cent? uhhhh nah.

14. Do you prefer working on your music or wrestling?

Wrestling, hands down. Music is a good "vent". I feel like Wrestling is my heart, my passion. Music is more like my balance, a way to let out whatever im fealing at the time. With music I can explode as much as I need to and I would never hurt anyone.

15. Do you have any thing else you would like to add?

Uhhh, YEA! If you really want to see some death defying high flying, If you crave SfX in person, contact the person Interviewing me!
If you are looking for swantons and moonsaults look somewhere else BUTT-SNACK! In this movie, twisting 450's and Shooting Stars are all you're gonna see!


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