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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Lexie Fyfe Interview

1. Were you a wrestling fan when you were younger?

I was a wrestling fan when I was really young and then
I got out of it for a while until I was in college. A
bunch of friends and I used to watch it in our dorm
and I never missed a show.

2. Why did you decide to go into wrestling?

I actually was asked to give it a try. I met Brandi
Wine when we both worked for the same company. She
was looking for a training partner and I thought it
would be fun to do. I got in the ring and took a few
moves and thought it was fun. It was hard work
training but I love it!

3. Was there a certain wrestler that really inspired you?

I like a lot of different wrestlers for different
reasons. Leilani Kai was always a favorite to watch
though. She had great ring presence.

4. What type of wrestling training have you had?

I consider myself more versed in mat wrestling than
anything else. I went to a couple different schools
as I moved around and still consider myself learning
every time I step into the ring.

5. Have you always been a female wrestler or were you a valet/manager first?

I've always been primarily a wrestler. I've only
managed a few times on special occassions.

6. What wrestling promotions have you worked for?

Wow, too many to count over 9 years!! The bigger
promotions are WWE, WCW, UPW, NWA (a couple branches),

7. Have you held any titles? If so which ones?

I have been Women's Champion in:
Florida Championship Wrestling
Ultimate Championship Wrestling
Impact Zone Wrestling
King Championship Wrestling
Wild West Wrestling
Hoosier Pro Wrestling
Mayberry Championship Wrestling
Southern Championship Wrestling
I'm probably forgetting some.

8. How would you describe your wrestling style?

Old School with an Attitude!

9. What is your favorite type of match?

My favorite is single's matches although mixed tags
are fun!

10. So far what has been your greatest wrestling moment?
Wrestling for the troops in Bosnia. It was really a great experience.

11. So far have you suffered any injuries while wrestling?
Oh yes, lots...3 concussions (mild though), nose
broken twice, dislocated shoulder, broken thumb, did
some tendon and muscle damage to my arm recently from
a bad fall. That's besides the wear and tear on my
back, neck and knees. And they say wrestling is

12. Do you think you have to prove yourself more because you are women in
professional wrestling?

I feel we have to fight for respect more because it
seems that people don't always think that we can
wrestle as good as the guys. They always want to put
us in gimmick matches until they see what we can do.
That's only some of the people though. Most promoters
have treated me really well.

13. Who is your greatest opponent so far?

Wendi Richter was really tough. Leilani Kai taught me
a lot.

14. Who is your greatest ally so far?

I have made so many good friends in this business that
I consider myself blessed.

15. What advice would you give to someone that wanted to be a professional

Get your education first. It's important to be well
learned even in this business. Go to a good wrestling
school. Do your research on schools and find one that
trains people well and that makes you feel


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