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Friday, December 10, 2004

More on the Savage Saga!

Well folks it seems that as it seems Savage is out of TNA again! Which I really think is better for TNA in the long run! He is useless!

But anyway according to the word on the net on December 7,2004 before the Impact tapings Jeff Jarrett and “Macho Man” Randy Savage were having a meeting to try to find a way to make Savage content with his up coming match at the January PPV “Final Resolution”, but after a hour they still hadn’t come to any resolutions Jarrett was seen leaving the meeting and stating that Savage was “crazy”.

Not that Jarrett didn’t try to work something out with Savage they spent 3 hours in there meeting causing Jarrett to miss directing the first one hour taping of Impact. I’m sure that do to Savages attitude towards TNA is why they went a head and implied that Dustin Rhodes is going to wrestle Jeff Jarrett at “Final Resolution” for the title. I think this is a much better move by TNA officials than Savage.

The “Turning Point” match really sucked. Savage isn’t any good any more and they shouldn’t play him up like he is! When I was little Hulk Hogan was one of my favorite wrestlers when he had started wrestling but that doesn’t mean I would be real excited if he got in the ring with a Christopher Daniels or a Petey Williams and won the match.

At Hogan or Savages age it is stupid to think that they are still in the shape that they were in their prime! Yes, they still have fans but I think that they would be much better suited for roles such as the ones that Dusty Rhodes has!

I know there are a lot of you that think that Jarrett is really up there but he is only in his mid thirties, it just seems like he is older because he has been in the business for ever the same goes for Dustin Rhodes!

Guys such as this are more of what TNA needs, seasoned veterans that are still young and able to wrestle with out having the younger wrestlers over job for them! Watching the Savage match on “Turning Point” was hard to watch even though Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were involved in the match you could see that they were really over jobbing for Savage to.

The whole thing that TNA needs to realize is they have some incredible young talent they need to use and develop, rather than relying on washed up old wrestlers such as Savage!!


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