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Monday, December 06, 2004

Review Of TNA's "Turning Point" PPV

I arrived at TNA's "Turning Point" PPV. Only to encounter one suprise after another! My first surprise which by now shouldn't been a surprise was that some of the Universal staff let there friends and family in before anyone else so they took all the good seats.

Not that you see these people another time they strictly come to the PPV's and sit in the best seats! That is a big disappointment to all the loyal fans that go weekly to all the tapping! Well, now that I'm done bitching about that I'll get on to the review.

The first match of the PPV was 3LK VS. Team Canada for the tag team belts. Now I can't say I was surprised that 3LK lost the match. There was a lot of back and forth action but as I had stated before with Konnan being injured and Ron Killings stepping in I felt the match was as good as lost!

Well, of course there was interference on Team Canada's side but it wasn't Scott D'Amore that help Team Canada win, it was Johnny Devine making his wrestling comeback after getting stabbed coming out of a club in Nashville! Johnny looked fully recoved and in outstanding shape.

Oh I do have to throw in they stated that they had a limo pull up with Connicut tags. After this statement they started to run corny vignets of someone dressed like Vinny Mac and HHH. I'm sure that WWE will be totally pissed over this, but I have to give TNA big time props for having the balls to go at WWE!!

The second match was a 6 man tag match with Kid Kash, Michael Shane, and Kazarian with Traci VS. Sonjay Dutt, Hector Garza, and Sonny Sieka. Now let me just say I'm getting a little bored with TNA having so many tag team matches! 4 men, 6 men, or what ever it is getting old! I mean out of the matches there were 4 tag team matches last night.

Oh and I almost forgot that the pre show match was a tag match as well so that brings the count up to 5! Well back to this match. I am very disapointed that Sonny wasn't more into the match, it really didn't seem that he cared one way or the other about the reason they were having this match which was because Kid Kash and company attacked Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka at the "Victory Road" PPV.

You would think because Sonny and Jimmy are related that he would have been more into the match than he was it really seemed that Sonjay was the most upset about it! This match was pretty good, it had a lot of action.

But of course Traci couldn't stay out of it and she had to cost her team the match because of her interference!! She jumped off the top turnbuckle and took out Kazarian, allowing Sonjay to get the pinfall! Boy was Traci in trouble when that match was over!!

The third match was Abyss VS. Monty Brown. This match started out with Monty going on about animals and daring Abyss to go after him! Which of course Abyss did and that was when all hell broke lose. These two monsters just started beating the hell out of each other.

Abyss put Monty through a table and Monty brought out his own bag of thumb tacks to spread out around the ring. Abyss didn't bother to spill his since there were already so many in the ring. Monty ripped of Abyss's shirt and throw him in to the tacks and got the win!

The fourth match was Glenn Gilberti and Johnny Swinger VS. Johnny B Badd and Pat Kenney with Jackie as the special guest referee. This was a very predicable match one of the most of the evening. After what happened a "Victory Road" did anyone really think that Jackie would be fair about reffing this match?

Of course they didn't and it is an insult to our intelegence to think that we would think any different! Now this match was going good with out really any involvment from Jackie except for a slow count!

But Glenn had to mess with her which was the mistake that caused NYC to lose the match! Jackie ended up doing a number on Glenn and Johnny B Badd got the pin fall!! I'm sure Trinity was pissed when she found out!

The fifth match of the evening was the Raven VS. DDP with Eric Watts co announcing the match. Since it was stated that Eric was a large part of the problem between Raven and DDP. This match is what you would expect from two experienced athletes such as these two!

But of course when the match was really getting going and hardcore Eric had to get involved in the match. DDP won the match which isn't all that surprising! I'm sure this isn't the last of the fighting with these 3.

The sixth was I think the best match of the evening Petey Williams VS. Chris Sabin for the X Division title. This match was for real total non stop action! It had great mat work as well as amazing ariel attacks!!

This whole match was just breath taking to watch! I was a little disapointed that Petey kept the belt but of course that wasn't with out help! But they are both incredible athletes and I'm sure this is only the start of a major feud between them!!

The seventh match was Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall (KOW) VS. Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and Randy Savage. Now as far as I'm concerned there was no need for this match at all. Savage didn't even come out until the minute before the match was over made like he still had what he lost years ago and got the pin fall.

That totally sucked! I thought the vignet in the beginning of the PPV was right on the button you can't understand a thing that Mumbles Savage has to say and he needs to go back to snaping into a Slim Jim. I think that Jeff Hardy is a waste to. Hardy is half the age of Savage and he has already lost his moves!! I couldn't belive that KOW jobbed like they did!!

While they were setting up the cage for the main event they showed the much antisipated WWE confortation tape! Well that was something special for sure! I didn't see one WWE Wrestler the whole thing was one big head game and a way to screw with Vince!

But hey good for TNA give it to WWE!! WWE sucks anyway and has just gotten so stupid they don't know how to go back to being a crediable sports entertainment company!!

The eighth and final match was Triple X VS. AMW in a cage loser had to disband forever! I was really looking forward to this match because it would get rid of one of there tag teams that they have way to many of! I figured from the begining that Triple X would lose because I don't think that AMW guys are strong enough wrestlers to wrestle singles!

But saddly this match was that prodicable because Triple X had a towel in there corner hidding hand cuffs for who else but Chris Harris to get hand cuffed to yet again! Yawn!

That trick was so played out by the time the PPV got here you would think that he would have been wise to it but no I guess that was giving him to much credit! This match was very very bloody but I did notice that Prime Time was the only one not bleeding!

This match was a total mess and I was starting to get concerned that they were going to hurt Rudy! I must say I think Triple X turning heel was one of the best things they could have done!

I didn't like them as a face team but as a heel their great! There was some great moves off the top of the cage and there was one point when Prime Time walked around the top of the cage that was amazing I thought for sure he was going to fall into TNA'S Pit!

But in the end I was kind of happy with this match because by the time it started I really wanted to see someone bleed!!


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