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Friday, December 03, 2004

Special in-between column by Mike

Special in-between column.

Since William Muldoon was crowned professional wrestling's first official
World Champion in 1877, millions of matches have been wrestled from darkly
lit National Guard Armories, to huge arenas worldwide. It is near
impossible to name a greatest match EVER, for there are so many, so I got to
thinking one hight, and I made up a match of what I thought is my list of
greatest, and most overrated matches of recent memory. I hope you enjoy it,
and hope you agree, and if course if you don't, then YOU'RE WRONG!!!! LOL.
take care and see you soon!!!

The 5 Best:

1. Ric Flair-Ricky Steamboat: 2 out of 3 Falls, Clash Of The Champions, New
Orleans, 1989.

This is as close to a perfect wrestling match as we will ever see in our
lifetimes. This match had every intangible. Countless near falls, nonstop
action, all of boteh wrestler's signature moves, and a controversial finish.
54 minutes and 26 seconds of action that may never be duplicated. Ending
of Stemboat's double chicken wing on Flair with his shoulders on the mat mad
a perfect lead to another great match between the two, yet the second match
of the Flair-Steamboat trilogy remains both their legacies.

2. Eddie Guerrero-Dean Malenko: Best 2 out of 3 Falls, ECW Arena, 1995.

It wasn't for a title, it wasn't for any special stipulations, yet the
emotion of this match surpasses any other in recent memory. This was both
competitors' last ECW match before going to WCW. Thirty minutes of nothing
but flawless wrestling from two of the best technical guys in the biz. But
that, combined with the emotion of the crowd, made this match truly special.
As Joey Styles once said, You had to be there in person to fully
appreciate it.

3. Ricky Steamboat-Randy Savage: IC Title, WMIII, March 29th 1987.

Arguably the greatest match in WWF History. As much as I feel that Savage
is a worthless oxygen stealer today, I have to give him his due for
wrestling a great match along with Steamboat. High flying spots by both
competitors, combined with flawless spotting made this one a classic.

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart, Submission Match,WM 13, Marc
18th 1997.

The match that started the Attitude Era. Austin's near breaking of the
Sharpshooter pretty much clinched this as a classic, but the near 40 minutes
of all out brawling and sheer heat between these two made this match worth
watching over and over again.

5. Undertaker vs. HBGAY, Original Hell In A Cell, October 6, 1997.

The original and best. As much as I cannot stand Michaels and his politics,
I will have to admit he sold like a mother for this one. The story building
up to this was great, but the finish was what made this. The introduction
of Kane, and the win by Michaels after selling a HUGE beating, made this
match a classic.

The 5 most OVERRATED matches in History:

1. Undertaker vs. Dick Foley, King Of The Ring, 1998.

This smatch was voted the Greatest Match in History by none other than
stupid marks who log on to Of course, these are the same people
who get off to the diva pictures, so there you go. 30 minutes of Foley
getting his fat ass thrown through a cage, because he isn't much good for
anything else. Plenty of Undertaker no-selling, but at least he shows SOME
skill when he wrestles. Other than that, it was pure stuntman crap.

2. Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, WM III, 1987.

We all know Hulk Hogan is a manipulator who uses politics to hide the fact
he can't wrestle his way out of a brick shithouse!! This match is a perfect
example. 30 minutes of boring Hogan spots, including the sleeper refusal, a
steroid induced body-slam (WHOOP DE FREAKING DOO) and the Gay Leg Drop. I
felt sorry for Andre the Giant that he had to do the job, but more that he
had to put over a non-wrestling goof like Hogan.

3. Hogan (Again) vs. the Ultimate Steroid Abuser, WM VI, 1990.

They made this drivel a freaking main event? They should have made this a
ladder match with a steroid syringe at the top, and MAYBE it would have been
exciting. Two of the most non-skilled oafs in wrestling history in a match
full of dull spots, and both wrestlers'crappy skills. VERRRRRYYY Overrated.

4. HBGAY vs. Scott Hall, ERRRRR Razor Ramon, WM X, 1994.

This was a Ladder Match all right. Michaels had a match against pretty much
the Ladder. Hall preetty much did two things in this match, Jack and Shit.
The ending was lame too. Whoever thinks this is a classic match probably
took the short bus to school when they were kids.

5. You Know Who vs. Bret Hart. Survivor Series, 1997 (Yep, that one)

If not for the controversy surrounding the finish, thihs had to be one of
the WORST title matches in history. Bret Hart pretty much didn't even want
to be out there, and he and Michaels pretty much wrestled this match with
the drive and emotion of Walter Cronkite on Mescaline!!!! I cannot
understand why people think this is a classic match, other than for the
historical significance of it, but when you strip that away, it was just
another crappy wrestling match


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