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Monday, December 13, 2004

Telling It Like It Is..By John-Michael Newton

This Week: Breaking down Turning Point, and other thoughts.

Well, another week has past, and I have to give my props to TNA for an
overall SOLID PPV Effort. AMW-XXX was stellar, as well as the
Williams-Sabin match, and the Tag title match too. I swear, forget big name
has beens for cheap pops, Team Canada has been doing a remarkable job and
are getting over HUGE as heels. Of course, Savage had a lame last second
run-out in his match against the KOW, which is not surprising. You know I
really cannot blame Hall, Nash and Jarrett for the failure of this
storyline, I have to blame the creative team for giving them a LAME gimmick.
COme on guys..Elvis suits?? Can I say enough of Monte Brown, Abyss,
Raven and DDP? Both matches were excellent efforts, and the Brown-Abyss
match, despite what you think, Heather, Brown is over HUGE and is ready to
be a champ. TNA needs new blood at the top and Brown would be a fresh

One thing though...To borrow a quote from Admiral Isokuru Yamamoto after
Pearl Harbor, "I believe all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant, and
filled him with a terrible resolve. The skits making fun of the WWE were
okay, but I do not think it is a move you want to pull at this stage. Maybe
when Rupert Murdoch finances you and you have billions and can keep and buy
talent, but not when you are trying to survive. VInce may have totally lost
his way, but he is still worth over $500 million. He can still buy any
talent he wants to. He has power, and he is battle proven from a 6-year war
in which he nearly went out of business. Believe me, you may not be scared,
but you are not ready to take on the World Wrestling Whermacht just yet.
Maybe a few years down the road. Just keep your own house straight, and you
will be there one day.

Now on to other things...SO Goldust..ERRRR Dustin Rhodes is in TNA. ANd he
is going to be booked in a main event at the next PPV. Stop me if you heard
this before. Unless Dustin is "Goldust", he is not really that watchable,
kind of bland. Even when he was Goldust, he was a great midcarder and over
huge, but like Jarrett, he is just not the kind of guy who's shoulders you
put a company . It is too bad he can't don the gold makeup and cape. He
was one of my favorite characters.

To answer Heather's question, what happened to Female Wrestling? Pretty
simple, sadly, it went out the window when Vince McMahon found out just
having his female stars parade naked would easily mean a full point in
ratings. Overtly horny men who have no lives other than jerking off 30
times a day do not care about wrestling. But sadly, they comprise a large
section of the adult population. Do the math. And drunk, horny frat slugs
are not going to watch a size 12 in a bathing suit and control top pantyhose
in the ring. They are not going to care if she wrestles like Eddie
Guerrero. It is sad, and I am definitely not condoning this, I am just
simply stating the what and why things are.

Well that is all for this week. Only SEVEN more weeks to go. Have fun and
be well. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


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