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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Telling It Like It John-Michael Newton

This week, various thoughts.

Welcome to all 3 of my readers again. Been a while, had to recuperate and
refresh my mind. Now down to business. According to a recent WWE fan poll,
I am not alone on this. It is time to fix the situation and get a new world
champion.......It is time for Chris Jericho to make another run.

Ever since Jericho's first title reign, he has barely been on the radar
screen. Of course, his first title was marred by horrible booking, as I
felt he should have NEVER gotten that run as a heel. Jericho has proven he
is a much better face champ. Bottom line is the man knows how to work a
crowd, he can work on the mic, and his work is rivaled by few in the ring.
If they could turn Benoit heel again, these guys would tear the house down,
just like they did in their 2000-01 run. Of course, as long as The GAYme,
Cripple H is still breathing, this will never happen. Never mind the fact
this political clown has not wrestled a good match since his comeback, or
that he is a HORRIBLE mic worker, or that he uses politics worse than Hogan
ever did. He is married into the family, and he basically had anyone who is
not aligned with him eliminated. I guess jericho feels that no matter how
he gets used, it will never be as bad as how he was treated in WCW.

Now on to TNA. Things are looking good, except for their financial
situation. The Carter family is going to need to get a better time slot in
place. 4 PM on Friday just does not cut it. You don't have to go up
against Raw, just get a good prime time slot where people actually watch TV.
Cutting the tapings to one every two weeks only shows things are not as
good as they look on the surface. Yes, they have a great local fan base.
Yes, they have good talent that is dedicated to the company, but all that
will not matter if they get their house in order financially.

I am going to piss off my JBL mark friend Ron here...but can someone tell me
why this clown is still champ?? I wear, this guy is HORRIBLE on the mic, the
endings to all his matches are worse, and by GOD, can we get that steroid
freak Heidenreich to not interfere in ONE of his matches?? I swear,
Smackdown is going to get as bad as Raw soon. At least RVD is starting to
get a little better run as Tag Champ with Rey Jr. That could prove to be an
awesome combo. BOth with similar styles, both are over HUGE, this has the
ability to go somewhere. Of course, RVD will never be part of a tag team
like the Sabu days, but this is the closest I have seen yet.

Well that is all for this week, but next time, more thoughts on the state of
wrestling. Until then, I want to thank my readers...both of them for
supporting me....LOL. Only 5 more weeks to go until I am home. Take care!!


At 7:55 AM, Blogger anti said...

Happy Holidays, I may not comment but I do read.


At 9:10 PM, Blogger Hawk166 said...

Your killin me!!!! JBL has been the only good thing smackdown has done right in months. The mere fact that fans hate him means the chartacter is working. When John Cena finally beats him for the world title it will be huge. Watch big show will go down just like the rest.

-Your JBL mark friend Ron


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